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Concerts of the Century: I Was There

People often ask others what the most memorable time in their life was? For some, most certainly, it’s when he asked you to marry him. Or when she gave birth to your first child. Or walking your daughter down the aisle to the man who was born for her. Or graduating college. And in some cases, the one day in 1998 when you dropped the 1-ton wrecking ball on the pick-up truck your foreman drove to the job site that morning and walked away happily smirking while giving everybody and their mothers a great giant fuck off middle finger salute.

It’s moments like these which, in the minds of those who had the experience, will be remembered to the exact detail of how they happened for the rest of forever. At least the exact detail of how it happened for them.

Or, if you’re one of the people who loves music, I mean, really LOVES music, like: eats, breathes, and sleeps music, you’ll understand my answer to what the most memorable time in my life is. Perhaps even give a better understanding to the phrase, “I was there.”

Phish, the Glowstick War.

You might be thinking Phish is over rated or only for druggies who miss Jerry Garcia. Or maybe you’re not, and understand what Phish is all about. Could you imagine hearing your favorite band belt out one of their finest tunes and all of a sudden, the sky above is littered with glowing sticks being tossed by everybody in attendance? It might have given you an entirely different, pardon the pun, trip, of the situation. Though I was not there, it would have been marvelous to have been.

Deadmau5, Headlining the Headliners.

What, you don’t like EDM because it’s not music? Just a bunch of noise being mixed together with no true musical ability? The junk those kids in abandoned storage building listen to at all hours of the night while doing drugs and smoking the dope? At Lollapalooza in 2011, with the skyline of Chicago as the backdrop, EDM became mainstream. Battling Eminem, Coldplay and the Foo Fighters for top draw of the weekend festival, Deadmau5 made it a point to make every last person on the Grant Park lawn in The Windy City remember what we had heard and to never forget how the music made us feel. And it made every last one of us feel fucking amazing.

Eminem, Proving he still had it 

Again, 2011, Chicago, Lollapalooza. Mr. Mathers was returning from rehab, with a chip on his shoulder it seemed, for the critics who were saying he had nothing left in the tank. And he proved every last one of  ’em wrong. Again.

Iggy Pop, Fans on Stage

Iggy Pop, the 164-year old (just a guess) who is still rocking his ass off despite the fact he wears far too tight blue jeans. What he did was connect with fans at his set more than anybody else I’ve seen. How’d he do it? In 2007, Mr. Pop invited anybody and everybody at Lolla to join him on stage while he sang/screamed his little ass off. And join him we did. Without the worry of being tossed from the park or gang raped on a tour bus.

Arcade Fire, Show Stopper

Coachella. 2011. Big balls. A shit-ton of big balls. Enough said.

Jimi Hendrix, Making it His Own

Not sure there was anything he couldn’t have done with that guitar of his. Anything.

Queen, Looking for Aid

1985’s Live Aid seemed to have everybody and their kid sister perform; Elton John, Sting, Bowie, Phil Collins, The Who and Dire Straits. But more importantly, Queen. To say it in the most simplest of words, possibly the greatest set ever played, anywhere, in the history of live fucking music.

Now, please follow the links, turn up the volume and rock your faces off.

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