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Is Civilization Truly At The Most Advanced Point It’s Ever Been?

Let’s imagine the absolute worst-case scenario catastrophe was to happen tomorrow and a sudden nuclear war broke out. In this hypothetical war all major population centers are irradiated which immediately wipes out 90% of the population. The remaining survivors would then get to look forward to at least a few years of nuclear winter, which makes it conceivable that a further 90% of the initial survivors would inevitably also perish. 

Now lets try to fast forward through the aftermath to draw a logical picture of what humanity would like in this post apocalyptic world. The remaining few survivors would probably have varied backgrounds, some scientists, engineers, artists, etc. However food production would probably become the overwhelming concern of the survivors. The generations that witnessed the apocalypse and perhaps a few after would try to carry on the legacy and memory of what humanity used to be but the most probable outcome would be an almost complete loss of a variety of technologies after a few generations. After around 500-1,000 years humanity would probably start to rebuild to a point where deep level exploration would begin to occur and the radiation levels would have dropped enough to facilitate this.

To keep the picture clear, let’s imagine this group of now 1,000 year post apocalyptic survivors stumbles upon the ruins of what was once New York City. This is a big discovery for our survivors! The knowledge of how to melt metals and build large structures has long ago been lost but now there is a readily available depository of resources for our survivors all around them. The most logical thing to do in this instance would be to build new structures directly on top of the old ruins and utilize the resources left behind by a now forgotten civilization.

While this is a crazy science fiction fantasy, thankfully humanity hasn’t yet had to deal with a crisis of this sort…or has it? If we approach archaeology with a completely open mind, is there evidence that such a scenario could have played out on Earth long ago? Surprisingly, yes.

Jodhpur, India (link)

During the 1980’s the government of India started to investigate this region due to the fact that area residents had abnormally high instances of birth defects. What they found was that the region, which coincidentally sits next to one of the largest impact craters on Earth, is 5x more radioactive than surrounding areas. Even more curious, these investigations led to the unearthing of the ruins of a previously unknown civilization that predates the existence of the previous oldest known civilization by a good 8,000 years.

Several more interesting archaeological finds have been unearthed at the Jodhpur site. Human remains were found and the fact that they were all holding hands when they died and other archaeological clues point to the fact that these particular people met a very quick and unforeseen demise. Clay was found that had been fused together by temperatures consistent with those of a large-scale nuclear explosion. Perhaps the Holy Grail though was a series of stone tablets written in Sanskrit. Unfortunately I’m not fluent in 10,000 year old Sanskrit so I have no way of personally verifying exactly what the tablets describe, but the published descriptions available leave very little doubt as to what the tablets describe.

Some are purported to describe in intricate detail various flying machines and are described as a pilots manual for how to fly these machines. Another reportedly gives a very vivid account of a nuclear explosion, describing how the people of ancient Jodhpur met their demise when a ball of fire from the sky engulfed the city. The tablets then go into further detail outlining how this ball of fire enveloped most people and the author was witness to people around them being engulfed in a flame that melted their hair and finger tips. After several days the fire had subsided but several more people continued to die, these are all words that are reportedly lifted directly from these tablets, not my description of them.



Further Evidence

The first major step to proving the validity of a theory involving an ancient civilization that was advanced enough to almost entirely extinguish itself would be to look towards other archaeological signs of advanced civilizations. Delving into this particular topic I was able to find an overwhelming amount examples that lend plausibility to this theory so I will focus on a select few.

The Sphinx (link)

Modern archaeology places the date of construction for a majority of the ancient periods starting at around 2,000 B.C.E. While there is no doubt that some of the periods were built during this time, the archaeological evidence for some, and the Sphinx in particular says that they were built long before this timeframe. The Sphinx has extensive water damage, which is why it is beginning to fall apart. In order to have the amount of water damage it has it could not have been constructed any earlier than 20,000 B.C.E., when the Nile River was close enough to cause the water damage the Sphinx exhibits.

Pyramids On Every Continent (link)

Pyramid construction has been unearthed in Egypt, North and South America, North Africa, India, and the modern day Middle East. The architecture and pictorial based languages are almost identical across all of these sites. Most of these pyramids have a peculiar construction pattern. The newer structures are much more crude and simplistic than the older base structures. The base structures of virtually every site found to date are always found remarkably still almost entirely intact and constructed utilizing techniques that we cannot even replicate with existing modern technology. Obviously it is a riddle that will probably never be solved but that particular construction pattern matches up perfectly with what would most likely happen if a sudden catastrophic event were to wipe out a significant portion of the populace and humanity was left to rebuild.

The Nazca Lines (link)

There are several interesting features about the Nazca lines and they do nothing but elicit questions, with perhaps the biggest being, how exactly were they created? Some are crude and depict various types of animals, others are very specific geometric shapes cut with very fine and clean lines. The most curious thing about the lines that form geometric shapes is that whoever constructed them literally decimated the mountains that were once there and all that remains of their presence is the lines. Is it possible the Nazca lines were created at two different times for two different purposes? The much older and obviously more skilled lines could have been created utilizing mountain top mining type techniques, maybe for resource extraction. The newer lines could have been created by a completely different civilization thousands of years later who happened to stumble upon the original site.

While all of this is complete conjecture, it is conjecture based on a full and thorough examination of the admittedly very small amount of archaeological evidence of prehistoric Earth that we have. Ignoring the possibility that ancient societies could have been more advanced than we previously thought, and may have been even more advanced than we are now, is a fatalistic mistake that ignores a lot of archaeological evidence that is pointing towards the other direction. Understanding history is the first step towards taking steps to ensure we don’t repeat past mistakes, just interesting food for thought.

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