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Is It The Funniest?

In November 1989, a one-hour television program aired on the ABC network. It was intended to be a one-time special, however, the show’s popularity spawned a regular series, which would begin in January of 1990, and has remained on television ever since…

Do you know which one I’m talking about? I’ll give you a hint: Bob Saget.

If you’re too young to know who that is, I’ll just throw it out there … it’s America’s Funniest Home Videos—AFV. I was fifteen when it first came on, and I recall being vaguely amused back then; however, I wasn’t a fan of Bob Saget. I thought he was, by far, the weakest link on Full House.

But that’s not the point here. What I want to rant about is the content of this show. I’m not a regular viewer, but every now and then, for some strange reason, I catch a few minutes of it when I’m flipping through the channels. I stop and watch it for the same reason that people strain to see the mangled vehicles and bodies littering the scene of an accident. It’s our morbid fascination with things that horrify us.

What’s in a funniest home video?

It struck me that there are one or more of three elements in all AFHV video submissions:

1) Humiliation.

Someone is put in a compromising or embarrassing situation.

2) Pain

Someone gets hurt, preferably in their “private parts.” Example: baseball to the groin.

3) Animals

Animals may be humiliated or cute—but not in pain. Only humans may be in pain.  A double standard, for sure, but one accepted in this day and age.

Some of the videos have one of these elements; some of them combine all three into an AFV trifecta. Imagine humiliating pain caused by an animal, or humiliation from pain with a cute cat in the background.

Cash is awarded to the funniest videos. I don’t know how they pick which one is the funniest and I don’t really even care. However, I do understand that money will always keep people coming back for more, which means they will never lack entrants.

Ever wonder where the funny went?

After not-so-careful consideration, extremely limited research, and subjectively applying my own tastes, I have taken all of this information and determined that America’s Funniest Home Videos is not the funniest. Not even close…

But what do you think?

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