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It’s True, I’m a Tea Addict

Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am a tea addict. (your reply) Hi Sebastian, welcome to Tea Anonymous.

Man do I love tea! I know that a lot of people love tea, but let me clarify why I am in need of this support group’s help. I drink nearly 2 litres and counting of flavour infused water per day; not just one kind, but over 15. You may be asking yourself who’s to blame? Well, given that this is a support group I guess I have to be a tea-narc. So I will be pointing my fingers at the owners of The House of Leaves, Danielle Lagah and Oakley Thompson.


Back in November when I was just starting Trueblue up I was given the opportunity to go to a magical and enchanting place in Coombs, BC, called The House of Leaves. The store was (to say the least) a sensory overload, and oh man, did I have a good time!


The Trublue crew toured the store and interviewed the owners (seen here). We talked to them about life in general and literally everything in between (I seem to remember discussing the topic of cats at length). I had a great time learning about things like: the difference between loose leaf and bag tea, the 50 + blends of tea they sold in store, and how far they have to travel to procure the items which inhabit The House of leaves’s expansive shelves.

I’d rate my House of Leaves experience as a 10/10 and I would definitely go there again!


I was grateful to be able to sample some of the finest teas this world has to offer. From: Blue Ribbon Butter Cookie, and Brown Sugar Pecan, to the sensuous Toffee Creme Caramel, and the ever popular Hot Apple Pie, and the list goes on and on. I bought enough tea to last me 4 months before I left


As of late my stash was running low, I was scraping the bottom of my jar like some kind of tea tweaker. The House of Leaves has yet to reopen and the truth is I’ve had to supplement my dwindling hoard with other steepables of the dried leafy variety; though, I can safely say that the new product doesn’t come close to what Danielle and Oakley sell (I’m sorry guys, don’t be mad!)


All in all, I hope they reopen soon so I can stock up. This time, however, my addiction and I will be aiming to acquire enough to last me for the next 4+ months and more! So if you love tea as much as I do, or enjoy the eclectic minutia of the wonderfully unique, you will love The House of Leaves.

Check them out on their Website and on Facebook! (Fun fact: their website was built on pure solar energy!)

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