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Jelly Jam at Smack Tattoos Studios

Smack Down

If you weren’t there, then you missed the big ol’ Jelly Jam at Smack Tattoos Studios last weekend. This kick-ass party was sandwiched between the train tracks and a huge abandoned building, and rocked it hard into the crusty dawn on Toronto’s Sterling Road. The Smack Tattoo Studios were alive and thriving that night with an amazing amalgamation of emerging artists, deep-house DJs, soulful musicians, and a proven legacy of unique inspiration and creation, converging to deliver a great jam for everyone to enjoy.

Smack Tattoos is a custom ink studio and gallery located at 163 Sterling Rd., Unit 30, smack-in-the-middle of a flourishing artist community nestled in the shade of a chocolate factory. The studio features a new breed of Toronto artists, who are inspiring a fresh way to approach art. Spear-headed by Steve Mackinnon AKA Smack, with his two apprentices, Jason NG, and Jonny Cakes, these guys are are out on the hunt. They are stalking big game, and are ready to kill when it comes to creating unique pieces that span traditional and surreal realms of art. Each of these artists have independent styles that range in attitude and medium, but they all have one thing in common, a deep passion to pursue excellence.

Let’s Meet the Artists

 Steve Mackinnon aka: “Smack” – Owner/Tattooist/Artist/Musician

Steve has been tattooing for over 10 yrs, and has gained inspiration and skills from other artists close to home, as well as those who are a little farther away. His ability ranges from realism portrait work to the absolute surreal and back again to traditional. It’s hard to find a concept that he can’t tackle. Other than tattooing, you can find his skilled work displayed in a variety of artistic mediums, including acrylic air-brushing, sculptures, and perhaps his favorite, music. His airbrush technique is an excellent example of his intensely detailed work, which reveals his obsession in the battle between beauty and horror. Smack will always continue to spread inspiration through his creativity.

Jason NG – Tattooist/Artist

Jason began his apprenticeship with Steve Mackinnon in the summer of 2007. His extensive background as an illustrative artist & designer, combined with his obsessive eye for all the little details, enables Jason to pay tribute to the skin that is imbued with his every carefully placed stroke. Besides building time machines & solving life’s mysterys, Bushido & Traditional Japanese Art is without any doubt Jay’s specialty. Incorporating dynamics and perspectives not usually introduced in this style, he maintains and upholds the honor of symbolism and tradition that endures for years.

Jonny Cakes – Tattooist/Graffiti Artist

As an experienced traveler, Cakes has gathered his inspiration from different cultures around the world. Complimentary to his nomadic lifestyle, he has chosen a wide assortment of mediums as a way to express his unique perspective. Obsessive about every detail, he creates in a realistic manner with a hint of what Jonny describes as his own personal “abstractionism”. His work reveals the chaos that simmers beneath the beauty that we see in the world around us. Cakes has now embarked on a journey with the Smack family, and began his work as a tattoo artist in September, 2013. In the endless pursuit for one’s own style, Cakes trains his abilities, while he strives to provide a reflection of our culture that he hopes will inspire others to exceed their own limitations.

The Jelly Jam

The Jelly Jam was a party to celebrate local art, and a good excuse to crank up the tunes and crack a few brews. Pieces from many talented artists lined the walls and were competitively bid upon in a vicious silent auction, all while music was pumped out by special performers, The Glitch, and the dynamic DJs Recos, tnsr, and arsnL.

If you want to get a taste of what you missed, check them out HERE and HERE for their radio show, Touching Bass.

In between massive tunes and all the art on the wall, the boys put their noses to the grindstone as they crushed out live tattoos for a few lucky folks. Their ability to deliver high quality work in the midst of a huge party is a testament to their extreme focus and powerful concentration. By now, you are may have realized that you missed a killer night, but fear not, as the team at Smack Tattoos will be having more jams throughout the summer.

Don’t miss the next one!


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