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John Lennon Clone Made From Tooth? Dentist Hopes So!

“I would raise the clone as my own son, and get him guitar lessons.” ~ DNA Dentist

A local dentist from Red Deer, Alberta in Canada – is hoping a tooth that once belonged to John Lennon will contain enough DNA to clone the famous musician. Dr. Michael Zuk says his goal was to own John Lennon’s DNA.

Housekeeper = Toothkeeper:

He purchased the tooth for approximately $30,000 – from Lennon’s former housekeeper in 2011. The Beatles’ musician was apparently close with the housekeeper, and gave her his molar before she moved to Canada in the 1960’s. Described as a ‘yellowy, browny tooth with a cavity’ – her family decided to sell it when she was turning 90 so that it would not be lost.

The dentist says when cloning technology is advanced enough, he would clone Lennon and raise the clone as his own son. Mentioning that he would get him guitar lessons and try to keep him away from drugs and cigarettes; this dentist is also willing to clone Lennon more than once – whether it worked the first time or not. Wacky or what? “If it works once it’s going to work again, right?” he commented.

Another (Wacked) Dr. Zuk Fact!

  • 2012: Dr. Zuk purchased a dental crown made for rock legend, Elvis Presley at a cost of $10,000 – and is currently looking for other celebrity teeth to buy.


Surely there is going to be some worse cats to make a clone from than John Lennon. Tombs around the world – raided! An evil army of the World’s greatest and most prolific conquering Kings and maniacal warriors from across the World, created to take over! Or even worse? Rabid and rich fanboys, attempting to resurrect the worst bands and actors from the past! Postmortem clone concerts?! Sadistic soulless sequels?

If you could clone one person from the past – who would it be and why?

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