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Our Kickstarter has Launched!

And so it begins…

We’ve had quite the ride over the last 90 days overcoming obstacles, meeting new people, and experiencing all of the quirky realities of running a website that revels in the cultural milieu of the minimalist, the quirky, and the wonderfully offbeat. Unfortunately, nothing in life comes free, and creating something you can be proud of is never cheap. So now, with much excitement and after many hours of expresso aided toil, we give you the Totally Kickass… Trueblue Kickstarter!!!

For all of you who love this site and enjoy our content, we’d ask that you head on over to our Kickstarter page and take a look-see at all the awesome swag that you can receive for helping us grow and expand the rigging, sails and engines of the good ship Trueblue. With your help we are aiming to engage with new media outlets, grow our site’s infrastructure, and expand our daily, weekly, and monthly content to include a new quarterly release as well.

So if ye be enjoying y’r dip into the Blue, we be askin’ ye to lend a hand and help us to keep this ship sailin’ True!

(Translation: So if your a fan of a site which encourages its writers to speak both freely and true, come lend a hand in helping us continue this grand adventure. Come help us continue to make Trueblue an awesome home for the types of stories which are important to you!)

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