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League Warrior App – The Battle for Athletics

Long gone are the days when our parents signed us up for sports, drove us to weekly practices and screamed earth-shattering cheers from the stands. Although many of us don’t miss Mom’s smothering kisses after we scored that awesome goal, we do feel a void when Google’s search query is sparsely populated with athletic opportunities for adults. Lucky for us, with spring just around the corner, there’s a new app on the block to help discover games in our neighborhood and beyond.

League Warrior is an app created by recent college graduates disappointed with the limited opportunities to get active. League fees are a pretty penny, especially for us 20-somethings who are buried with debt the height of Mount Everest. Our commitment issues to everything other than Mr.Bed make it difficult to dedicate time to varied league schedules on our overbooked social calendars. Returning home, our little league friends have moved to different cities and countries and let’s face it, it’s just not as fun to play with our little sister or even worse, grandpa. Don’t be that guy who knocks on your neighbors doors begging them to join your team; instead take the subtle approach by opening the app store on your iPhone and downloading League Warrior. Life can be tough, but finding a game shouldn’t be!

League Warrior helps you join the right team by asking what sports you want to play, where you’re located and how far you’re willing to travel. Best part? You can create a public game, anytime, anywhere and all interested athletes in your area will instantly be notified. If you just want to schedule an impromptu game with your friends, that’s okay too.

Today, the Gatorade is replaced with beer and the pizza parties are replaced with celebratory BBQ’s. Playing sports allows us to still act like a kid but enjoy all the grown up benefits too. What do you have to lose?

For the overeager, check out League Warrior on Facebook.

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