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Lego Movie Sequel Set For May 2017

I haven’t personally seen The Lego Movie, but reviews are great and my friends and colleagues keep telling me to go see it! The movie has been a top hit at the theatres for 3 weeks and counting. The Lego Movie hasn’t even been released internationally; France and Italy this weekend, followed by Russia on Feb. 27, Japan on March 21, Australia on April 3 and Germany on April 10.

The Lego Movie has topped over $200 million worldwide in box office sales — so Warner Bros announced today that the sequel is set to be released on May 26, 2017. I will be sure to book that Friday off and pencil in this movie – though I should make note to see the first one.

The sequel doesn’t come as a surprise; a week before The Lego Movie, production company Warner Bros said that it hired screenwriters Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan to write the script.

I will keep my eyes out for the teasers, posters and trailers from now till then!