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Why I Love Trueblue: Part 2

TrueBlue accepts my writing, just for the way that it is

One day as I was searching for writing opportunities, I stumbled upon Trueblue Magazine. As an online publication newbie, I began typing an email filled with soaring hopes but also the expectations that these hopes would soon be crushed with a quick “NOT INTERESTED”. I thought – there are so many amazing, unemployed writers out there, what would make me, someone with ZERO experience in professional writing, so special? I took a deep breath and applied regardless, closing my eyes and pressing send. As a budding communications professional (public relations – wrongfully known as “the dark side”), I knew how important it was for me to get out there and start writing. To my excitement, I received an invitation to start publishing articles for Trueblue Magazine at my earliest convenience.

I started my journey freelancing in March (2014) between my busy hours as a public relations student. After discovering my niche of reviewing iPhone and Android apps, I was given complete creative freedom, consistently choosing who and what I wanted to discuss next. Working for Trueblue Magazine has granted me the opportunity to interview the brains behind many innovative upcoming apps – providing companies with informative reflections and great promotion while granting me creative freedom to express my voice and improve my writing abilities.

The editors, in specific Sebastian Barkovic, have been supportive of my decisions and have helped me grow, both personally and professionally. I have become passionate about helping start-up companies develop their brand and have developed mine simultaneously. The feedback and direction received has been useful and i’ve learned some great writing tips that I was never taught in school.

I can’t say that i’ve ever worked for another magazine, but many of those who have are envious of my experience. TrueBlue allows me the flexibility that writers only dream of, while creating pieces that I can be proud of. I’m able to create articles when I want, where I want and as long as they are submitted by the deadline, they’ll been reviewed, edited and placed in the upcoming edition. The team is uncritical, unbiased and accepting of whatever is thrown their way and because of that, working with them truly feels like a mini family.

There is true value in a publication like Trueblue Magazine, that puts a fresh spin on the creative process. I have been truly blessed by experience thus far.

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