Lune04 photo by Joanna Nordahl Music

Lune Streams “Tonight” From Her Debut Album Music & Sports

When I got the email about Lune I half asleep sipping coffee, still in first gear. I hit the link and next thing you know it was wham-bam party time! I was not exactly ready for that so it definitely startled me. To that end, I knew I had to give it a full listen once I was ready to open my eyes (beyond the minimum I needed to see in front of me).

After opening up “Tonight” for the second time I really started to get into it, the energy was intense and really had me enjoying this new artist. Lune reminded me of where Active Child was a few years ago, even Grimes. The recording quality was superior for such a new artist it was enjoyable to listen to. Funny enough, the track reminds me of the Ruff Ryders Anthem with it’s melodic rhythm.

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