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Man In China Builds His Own Bionic Arms.. (Video)

After creating his own set of arms, he started building them for others..move over Tony Stark!

His name is Sun Jifa, and this extraordinary man from China had his life changed forever when the explosives he planned to use for fishing exploded prematurely in his hands. He lost both arms. He could not afford the more expensive hospital options for prosthetics, and the cheap versions the hospital gave him were so useless that he had to come up with something better..

In an incredible story of ingenuity and strength, Mr. Jifa set out to build his own bionic arms, and it was so successful, that he went on to make limbs for other needy people, selling them for the equivalent of USD $500 – and he has sold more than 1000 bionic arms this way, to date! Amazing!! His efforts and compassion have allowed him to improve the life of so many other people in need.



His arms may appear ‘rough around the edges’ and quite rudimentary – especially once the term ‘BIONIC’ is being used. However, as the video shows, the arms are quite articulate and allow the owner to function well and even perform intricate tasks and work quite easily with mechanical things. He is even able to use them to build the other arms he sells!

In the video, Sun is quoted as saying in a kind of matter of fact way, “The arm transfers power from the natural movement of my elbow into the finger, allowing the hand to grab and hold..rotating the two bones I have left in my arm allows me to open and close my hand.”

Even though the outside lacks the aesthetic looks of an arm designed by a more advanced player in the industry – the inside does appear to be perfectly simple, functional and ideal for bringing a better quality of life to people with less economic means than most!¬†All of this is very inspiring, and can leave one stunned with admiration and feeling like there are absolutely NO excuses why I can’t get everything I need to done today!

And it won’t be work as special as building bionic arms with my own set, like Sun Jifa does. Just amazing..