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McDonald’s: NOT ‘Loving It’ In Crimea!

Raising The Stakes (not Steaks):

Naturally, the stakes in Crimea are high. Did Russia have a right to annex Crimea, even after referendum? Some say yes; others say no.

McDonald’s doesn’t care either way, but nonetheless elected to close its Crimean restaurants. In a statement, McDonald’s essentially cited financial and business concerns related to state institutions and regulations as well as “manufacturing concerns” as its reasons for the closures. Since McDonald’s owned and did not franchise these restaurants, the closures were unilateral.

McDonald’s is not that important, but this action reflects the growing economic tension between Russia and Ukraine of which McDonald’s action is one example. While one Russian politician known for his anti-Western attitude called for a boycott and pickets of McDonald’s, another politician commented that any such action would be unwise and fruitless. Another thought that Russian fast food chains would fill the void.

McDonald’s has since relocated some staff to other parts of Ukraine and hopes to reopen its Crimean restaurants soon.

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