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‘Mellow’ Yellow? Not Really. Yellow May Be Killing You Right Now!

“Electrical banana is gonna be a sudden craze. Electrical banana is bound to be the very next phase!” ~ Donovan


Shopping soon?!

Heading out for your daily or weekly shopping fix? Maybe a gift to purchase for that special loved one?!

Well, you better really consider what colour you’re going to be choosing! That’s because a brand new study out of Rutgers University, discovered that the YELLOW dye that is found in most commercial products, including almost all  household items we buy everyday, may contain (and be releasing) a very harmful chemical which is damaging to your health!

The Truth:

The chemical is called: PCB 11 – and it is regularly found in yellow dyes most often used for printing inks, paper, paint and clothing, said the study’s author and associate professor in environmental chemistry at Rutgers, Lisa Rodenburg.

While researchers said they need to conduct further study on the toxicity of PCB 11 specifically, previous studies have linked PCBs in general with: irritations, cancer, birth defects and developmental problems in children – and even very bad acne.

“PCBs cause a whole range of really worrisome health problems,” Rodenburg said in an interview.

“There is enough evidence that there could be health effects from this specific kind of PCB that we should investigate further.” ~ Lisa Rodenburg

But there’s no easy solution. Even if people make an effort to avoid yellow-coloured products, they’re still inadvertently exposed to the toxins, which are permeating into the air and water, and eventually into human bodies, Rodenburg said.

Rodenburg also said she did not want to alarm the public, and the chemical is not found in every yellow item.

The Results:

The researchers tested common consumer goods and found PCB 11 in all 16 pieces of the yellow-printed clothing they tested, as well as all 28 paper samples containing ink, including maps, glossy magazine advertisements, postcards, and coloured newsprint. The study also found the chemical in 15 out of 18 paper goods manufactured in the U.S.

And, according to other research, it is found in everything ranging from food packaging to plastic bags.

“I don’t think that people should be terrified of this, but I think it is important to be aware of what is going on and to try to do something about it through the law,” Rodenburg said.

Really, Ms. Rodenburg?! I think the jury is still out on that one. What do you think? And what will be the next ‘killer’ colour found?!

Maybe my favourite is next! I really hope not..

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