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Nazi or Not pleased?’

Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin. What do these four names all have in common? They are names that North American Propaganda has targeted and fed to us over the years. These are just some of the names that have sparked wars over the last several years, whether it be World War II, or the war on Terrorism. So what about the more current names I’ve listed, what do they have to do with any of this? They are names in today’s media that are being listed with the same Nazi congruence as many of the other historical baddies out there. I am not disputing that internment camps and invading small countries are malicious acts; but, what I am saying is that we need to take a step back and look at what is happening in relation to the brushstrokes of the larger picture.

 Pointed Headlines, Overhyped Caricatures, And to what end?

North Korea’s, Kim Jong-un is being touted as the next Hitler and Russia’s invasion in Ukraine is being viewed in the same way as the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. So why are these people and events, and many more like them, being filtered into the main stream media as acts similar to those of the “Nazi’s?” It’s easy to convince my friends to shoot my enemy, especially if he has reason to believe the enemy might be trying to take me out of my own home. Of course I don’t agree with North Korea’s internment camps, but why is it that we are only now being made aware of such atocracies when many of the prisoners have been enslaved for years? How long were Nazi’s running camps before America finally managed to step forward and reveal it to the public? It’s amazing that we find ourselves reading about what America WANTS to do, what the UN NEEDS to do, and yet no actions are being taken? I’m sure Yoda would call that politics, ‘discuss actions taken, we must.’

So why then –amongst such animosity in the world today, planes missing, buildings collapsing, widespread famine’s– is America re-brewing the very same things that left a bad taste in our mouths the first time around? I’m sorry, but as a Canadian, I do not exclude myself from the American culture or society, you can’t. Steven Harper might as well be named “America Jr,” or even just “Jr;” we already know he’s America. If we reflect on an earlier statement, “It’s easy to convince my friend to shoot my enemy, especially if he has reason to believe they might be trying to take me out of my own home,” we can easily gather the thought that all this propaganda is being used to inadvertently convince us that we want to stop our homes from being invaded. Is it impossible that at least 5 % of the population could be effected in this kind of mind control? 5% of North America is a large number of people to convince a war is necessary. For a nation, 5% may be all you need to spark a serious cry for help. As we all know it only took one dream, to change a nation.

Where do we go when nobody agrees on just what the big bad wolf looks like?

Yet Judging by World War 2, it is safe to say which path in the forked road we have taken. When the boy cried wolf, we all know what happened, the grim reality is the wolf ate the boy. So what do you do when the wolf starts using ventriloquy? Then you ask, since when could wolves talk? May 17, 1792 under a buttonwood tree, there were twenty four of them with this unique talent. Yet what good would it do to cry wolf in America? I can infer that when the boy cried wolf, at least one or two of the towns people may have believed him even if they didn’t see the wolf. Eventually as a society we realized this kid raises false alarms, but there will always be those few people who still believe him. Eventually Society will ignore his cries, but there are still a handful that still want to check for the wolf they know isn’t there. So what happened when the boy was eaten? What does the town do? Well of course they feel bad for not listening to the boy who cried wolf, so they grab their pitch forks, rifles, and torches and hunt not just one wolf, but every damn wolf in the forest.

So then who has something to gain of Nazi propaganda? If you accept that main stream media is nothing more than the government passing off small notes while the teacher isn’t looking. You may see this theory as valid. Both parties have something to gain from this bash.

We know tabloids will use any piece of information they find to scavenge the remains of a celebrities mishaps. What I find almost too funny, is that these same celebrities who claim that the tabloids are full of lies, turn around a few months later to find out they couldn’t hide the truth. I’ve no interest in celebrity affairs, yet it’s impossible to hear celebrities complain that the tabloids lied. Then you hear six months later that it was all true in the first place. Could the media hold the truth of humanity, behind a complex web of lies that we sleep in awaiting the very blood that gives us life to be sucked out? The media spins the web, while the government awaits it’s prey.

What happens when the new’s becomes indistinguishable from propaganda?

We can only understand what we want to understand. What we see is that the general media has increasingly cried Nazi, what we know is that North America wants us to fear their enemies. What I understand, is that propaganda exist and it’s holding hands with the NA government. So is it a fear tactic in the end or is it a blood lust tactic? Do they want us to fear their enemy or hate them? Often fear comes with hate, hate comes with fear, and ignorance shrouds true happiness.

I love my country, but I find myself asking who are we as a nation? I know that we reflect who we are as a country. When you lived with your parents you subconsciously accept the ideals passed on from them(parents). Growing up we accept our parent’s as law makers, what they say goes. If they say all A’s you are trying to hit that mark, if they say win all your games, you’re going to be the hardest player in that game.

Even you rebels out there are longing for the maternal affection encrypted into us at birth. So then I ask, is this any different from a countries people and it’s government? If our government says one thing do we do another, so little in the history of North America has any dared challenge the largest Mafia in the world. Does a father not speak his child to teach him the fear towards that specific action?

I’m not saying that the government is calling anyone anything, what I am saying is that main stream media, predominantly news based, is usually government propaganda if not in the least. What I do see is Nazi this and Nazi that, what am I, a citizen to think? Only one thing, World War 2? Is this the government’s way of saying that the sequel is to come, World War 3 is looming on the horizon? Or are they just trying to point out the odious actions of the world around us to make us appear safer? Is America the boy who cried Nazi? Or are they just really not pleased with the antics around them?


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