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Magician David Blaine Visits Toronto Mayor Rob Ford..or does he?

Now you see me?! (NO! You don’t!)

Apparently, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford recently received a magic visit to City Hall from none other than Master Magician, David Blaine.

Blaine – clearly a master of his art – managed to arrive, enter and leave the Mayor’s office without even being discovered or otherwise notifying the mounds of media mulling about. (Sources blame the strategic ‘back door’ entrance purported to be available to enter and leave the Mayor’s office at will..)

“David Blaine was amazing!” Ford said, after the private show for a collective cabal of the Mayor’s staffers, some city councillors and top bureaucrats. Ford’s staff did show off a bent quarter and a playing card – the five of hearts – as evidence of Blaine’s appearance.

Also, the Mayor’s official Twitter account later posted this photo of the enigmatic encounter between the globally-famous magician Blaine and the infamously feisty Ford:


His brother, Councillor Doug Ford said he got a phone call from Blaine on the day before, saying Blaine was a ‘fan’ of the Mayor and asking if he could meet Ford.

Mayor Ford had promised the gathered reporters that Blaine would “do a few tricks” for them and the Mayor – but alas, to no avail..just a bunch of hocus pocus!

We are left to wonder what really did happen, at Mayor Ford’s ‘CLOSED DOOR’ visit, when magician extraordinaire David Blaine visited City Hall.

What might be left up the sleeve of Mayor Ford for his next performance! Maybe somebody will arrive to make all of his looming troubles disappear into thin air?!

(Don’t count on it.)