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Oculus Rift CV1 VS Dk2 Lens View

After 3 years, the wait is over for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift to hit customers.  (Though most people are still waiting for many more months at the time of this article)

We are NOT going to do a overall review. There are plenty of those already out there.  We are going to focus on how the CV1 stacks up against the DK2.  Is it really worth DOUBLE the price to get the better screens and optics?

Lets get the basic review out of the way then I will go onto the screens and compare.

  • Comfort …..CV1 Wins. (But I do like the softer foam on the dk2)
  • Headphones…CV1 Wins. (Id much rather have CV1 headphones on rather then putting on my own pair)
  • Software….TIE. (Dk2 works with oculus home even though they say it wont.)

That was the basic review.  Now on to the screens and optics.

DK2 vs CV1 Optics

It is SO SO much easier to focus in the Dk2. (What?! Is that a typo…you meant to type CV1…right?!) Sadly, no. The Dk2 optics are vastly easier to focus in.  The image is not as sharp but they offer much less strain on the eyes.  The CV1 has SO many “god ray” artifacts going on. Those “god ray” artifacts produce lens flares around ANYTHING that is bright. This makes your eyes feel like there is something foggy in front of you and the image.  Some say you can get used to it though I am not sure yet.

DK2 vs CV1 Screen

CV1 is better.  Is it better by A LOT? I would say yes.  The colors are incredible and the resolution makes it nearly impossible to see the screen door effect. How much better is the res?  These pics will speak volumes.

 Or check out the VIDEO


dk2 cv1 lens view2


If you are thinking about spending over $1000 to grab a CV1 off ebay….I would wait. ESPECIALLY if you have a DK2.  The screen is awesome but i think its mildly ruined by the “god rays”.  This is just our opinion though!  Mileage may very!

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