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Oh, March, how I’ve Missed Thee

As February draws to a close, wives and girlfriends around the globe are preparing for the inevitable; it’s a hairy situation that creeps up on them this time each year, right under their noses.

Or, should I say, right under their man’s nose?

How so?

Oh, yeah … that’s right … Mustache March is here!  It’s a true celebration of manliness and virility.

As the story goes, Air Force triple-ace Robin Olds started the tradition, not intentionally, but in defiance of the regulations. He eventually shaved it off as he rose to Brigadier General, however, he is most commonly seen in photographs as a colonel with a luxurious handlebar mustache.

And like most great ideas, Mustache March has spread like wildfire through the years, to people the world over.

The Air Force guys are still in the thick of it though.  They celebrate this grand blip on the radar of their heritage with gusto. These days, they can’t push the rules as far as Robin Olds did: mustaches can’t extend beyond the opening of the mouth on either side.  Still, people have a good time, and competitions abound, which recognize the best, worst, ugliest, or nastiest ‘stache in the unit. After all, not everyone can grow a Tom Selleck, which is, naturally, regarded as the manliest of all mustaches.

In what some consider a surprise move this year, the Air Force’s top officer, General Mark Welsh, has thrown down the gauntlet.  He recently told attendees at a symposium, “I don’t think we’ve ever had an all-in Mustache March, have we? … I’m putting the smackdown on you guys. Air Force-wide Mustache March … competitions.”

And so begins what just might be the greatest of our twelve months.  Even though they playfully complain, or fein indifference, we all know inside that our ladies love them.  How can you not?  Who can deny the splendor, the majesty, of well-groomed whiskers?

Need more inspiration?  Google some images of Lionel Richie, Alex Trebek, or Ron Burgundy.

Tomorrow friends … it begins tomorrow.  Pressure your man-friends and man-relatives into joining you as we revel, united, in our masculinity.  Glorious!

Until our significant others make us shave it off…

Source: Military Times

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