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One Nuke to Rule Them All!

The silence is maddening, the fear is daunting, and the hostility is reality.

Most of us remember the tragic Fukushima disaster in Japan that completely instilled the grim verisimilitude of a nuclear apocalypse. For others it was more than just an appearance, it was a ghost that made itself visible to the naked eye; a ghoul that struck over time. So in such dire times, that grow ever more straining on the minds of thousands, is it easy to see that a new cold war has yet again gripped it’s icy palms around our hearts? For those who believe politics is just a war of words, you may be right, but remember a war takes lives. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a nuclear war will annihilate you.

The Cold War wasn’t a myth made up by governmental propaganda to stir fear.

Some may remember the trepidation that the East and West had over fifty years ago, the Cuban missile crisis, Korea and the Berlin Blockade. While others, too young or even unborn to understand the fact that one day the Earth really stood still. The Cold War was a political war that truly had thousands sitting on edge awaiting the possibility of death at a single push of a button.

So what kind of events took place in the Cold War?

It’s hard to say exactly when the Cold War took place, as there were no real battlefields. Yet it could, would and should be argued that there was plenty of war going on at the time, including the rise of Proxy wars; many of which people remain unaware of even today. For instance, exactly what has changed about the tension over Korea in today’s era? 1962 nearly marked a possible beginning for World War 3, yet here we are 52 years later and so many similar events are unearthing themselves day by day. So why is it that so many North American’s remain oblivious to the events looming on the horizon?

Have we become too comfortable in our own skin…?

Do we no longer fear a threat, because America the brave is protecting us? Or is it just something that we’ve stopped wondering about because we feel that it doesn’t affect us? With so many events taking place in the world to indicate the re-emergence of the Cold War has been revitalized, like a defibrillator being held by too many hands; the question which is going to be asked five years from today is going to be: “who rubbed the pads together?”

We all know that war breeds money, jobs and population control. Yet who stands to profit the most off of instigating a new World War? And why is it that I feel like more people care to keep up with the ‘Kardashian’s, or knowing which ‘Big Brother’ is going to go next, than knowing about what is going on in the world around them? Fewer still know of the meteorite that hit Russia February 15th, 2013 which may one day play one of the biggest roles in our history. Or about Paul Hellyer’s 2013 speech where he admitted aliens exist for which you can no longer find the video? This is odd because at one point I had it saved in my facebook for the world to see and now when I go to view it online, it’s gone. The truth is all around us, and yet we settle for the simple lies directly in front of us.


Why aren’t more of us demanding our the right to know? Have we been hypnotized into believing that everything is all right?

If history is to teach us about our past to prevent us from making mistakes in the future, shouldn’t more of us be aware of what’s going on? Or is ignorance truly a bliss? When you look at the events taking place in Korea, and at what Russia is doing in the Crimea, it’s easy to smell the decaying stench of a living and breathing zombie; an entity we thought dead for many years. Couldn’t we even compare the missing Malaysia airline to these conspicuous events?

Flight 370 has 239 passengers, while the 1983 tragedy of a Korean Airline, flight 007 which had 269 passengers. The Korean flight was leaving new York city for Seoul; while the Boeing 777 was leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The flight which departed New York was shot down by USSR in 1983, but those details weren’t released for another eight years. The Malaysian flight is amongst one of the biggest mysteries surrounding missing air craft, but arguing about the clear differences between these events isn’t worth the time; it’s the subtle similarities you want to question. So isn’t it time we stopped dreaming of a perfect world full of peace and security and wake up to the reality that death and war is all around us? Like a hula-hoop we continue to spin the same continuous cycle around, until we finally mess up and drop it at our feet. Only then we will realize now is not the time to be playing with a damn hoop, but defending those we love.

Dire times come with fear, regression, and uncertainty. Yet when the sky is falling, and you still think the sky is the limit, when will you realize that the limit has been compressed and ultimately dissolved? The answer is, you won’t, and even Chicken Little won’t be able to warn you. So I pose the fundamental idea that we need to wake up and smell the truth, before we wake up and smell the Nuke. The reality we are failing to see is that one button, one finger will decide the fate of all humanity.

One Nuke to destroy them all, and in the fire blind them…

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