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OR SQUARE! The Left Field Experiment, A Night Of ATL Hip Hop f. Deku’s Escapism, Wake & Double Cypher

Haven’t we all been told that we’re ‘out in left field’ at some point in our lives?  Wouldn’t it be beautiful for all in left field to be there together?  Well, The Left Field Experiment hits a resounding YES out the park in response. A place to play the field, a venue to call home, a Psych Army standard that we all must share.

In true SPEAKEASY style on the home field of 529 ATL, Left Field was PACKED OUT.  The April edition returned to its anxiously awaiting patrons and the new faces sketched with that unmistakeable drive to listen and learn. Bridging the diversities of fam from ATL’s finest, your local heroes, MASHED OUT!  Deku’s EP release of Escapism the platform and polished production with cyphers upon cyphers the politics. Did I mention a DOUBLE (DOUBLE!) CYPHER between DJ, Producer and MC on deck?!?! Bet.

Wake worked the welcome in proper stance fresh off 404 Day offering focus and inspirational intonation to pioneer the line-up. Propping for photos on the speaker immediately the buzzzzz of my jeans rattling and Rusty Shadows, aka Mr. Enok, on the congas in collab with Wake left the disposition determined, set firmly on that Left Field fusion.  DT of The Difference Machine the host (not to mention THE freshest freestyle MC!) seamlessly threaded beat to lyric, encouragement to contribution, relevance to now.

Knowing I am in need of an escape at any given breath, Deku reminded of his legend with his transference from audience to wave length.  The eclectic electronic Jazz with inhalations of disappearance and sighs of, well, Escapism left me forgetting time and place willingly. With bursts of the EP featuring the meticulous grace of Alexa Lima on piano, the ingenious instrumentation from 10th Letter as well as Obeah and Asha Lakra begging you to actively participate in circumvention, to advance in escape, Deku offered flight. The balance, refreshing.  Boasting Cloudeater through the crescendos, Deku showed OUT!

No smoke break at Left Field is worth missing out on the DJ sets because the roof opened up for each one! YOU HEARD ME.  Pulled back to the corner between producer sets and cyphers (WHAT?!?), from The Morkestra to Divine Interface and Saude on the dub effects, from Knumbskull to The Beatles this Psych Army communion struck a chord in all regardless of perspective or confession.  As if the shadows cast by these giants hadn’t already blinded any other player, Left Field walked the line from DJ to MC and opened up from the core.

What does it mean to be underground?!?!  It means witnessing the hardworking hands crafting in Left Field, the practiced vocals carrying words to fruition, not just floating nonsense. It means realizing the experience that you’re about to disappear inside of when Illastrate is set up next to Dr. Conspiracy is set up next to P Villa is set up next to 10th Letter is set up next to DT.#PERIOD. The clock never tocks louder than when in waiting for a stage like this.  Double Cypher take over had Illa and DT, both heads of table, DT guiding, Illastrate, well, illustrating the expertise from launch and the collab that resulted between these two MONSTERS?!? Only at Left Field.

Once the mic passed to assess the freestyle that can fox with the likes of the tabled geniuses, this became THE spot to be for your ATL Friday night. OR SQUARE!  Ricky Raw (YES, 404 Day (!), YES, Mighty HighCoup (!) AND YES, THE DOUBLE CYPHER (!)), Sean G, Zano Bathroom, E Lu and Blctxt in succession, C’MON FAM.  And, did I hear Boog Brown spit my all time in the middle of the cypher?? Same Boog Brown off that Late Bloom?? I think I did see some Friction on stage because it clung to me like the thrill of Adam Venable from The ContraVerse following-up. Psych Army and Soul Food Cypher had this Speakeasy resting firmly in that home field advantage. And, really, who didn’t need that mic check?!?

The Left Field Experiment is just that, a hybrid, a blending, a balance of genre, performer, element, supporter, attendee.  It offers the cadence to clearing my mind and allows open minds to shine brightly that accept all willing to learn, grow and support.  It is a true experiment of mind-entrancing, all-encompassing focus appealing only to those in Left Field. So, yes, that means COME ONE, COME ALL, we meet no strangers here–because we are ALL in left field.  YOU need to get in line. YOU’RE being recruited to The Left Field Experiment. FIND OUT (!) because monthly doses are provided to all who can handle the habit.