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Organize, Simplify: the Beauty of Simple Living

We are a generation of hoarders, myself included. In an effort to combat what I will call the “attachment syndrome,” I’ve created a list of five ways you can organize and simplify your life.

1. Every physical object you own deserves its own space.

Whether it’s on a shelf, a table, a hook, under the bed, or even on the windowsill, every physical object in your home requests the respect of having its own place in the universe. If you buy something new, give it the space it deserves. Every guitar I own has its own space, be it on the wall or on a stand; if it is traveling away from its space, it will always find its “home.” This makes cleaning up a much faster activity, and leads to increased productivity.


2. Give increased “eye” space to important objects that boost productivity.

Simply put, having a guitar under the bed or in a closet will hinder your productivity if you are a musician. Create shelves that have a purpose: this is a picture of my music station. Simple, to the point. It rarely gets cluttered and it is directly in my line of sight when I enter my room. Alternatively, I have a space where I feel comfortable reading, above which is a shelf of books and a space where I do crafting, where I store my art supplies. Apart from these areas is where I “veg out” and watch TV.

3. Create patterns in your activity and carve your passions into your schedule.

If it helps to set reminders on your phone, or even physical reminders like Post-it notes, set a schedule and goals to get creative things done. Learn to say “no” to things that sound fun but ultimately will distract you from your creative outlet. This includes after work drinks (if you do your creative work after your “real” job.) Creativity needs space too, and you will thank yourself for getting creative works done, much like a dog feels after it gets to run free for an hour.

4. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

This is when you get to party: Finish your creative project after 3, 6, 9 months or even a year, and throw yourself a party! Be it a small party or a large gathering, you can feel good knowing that your creative process is finished and your mind deserves a small break! This can include a hangover.



5. Allow your life to self-organize; step back and relax.

Nothing in the world is perfect—it is continually evolving. Your workspace will reflect your current mood, and it will continually ebb and flow from organized to chaotic. By setting up your space to create and giving everything due respect, it will come together and fall apart in a nice orderly rhythm. There will be creation and destruction all at once. It reflects the cosmos, continually evolving and decaying. That’s a natural order at work.

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