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ORSQUARE: Elemental Hip Hop. Meet Mighty Zulu King Quic and ATLantis celebrating the Funk Lordz 12th Anniversary.

According to The Temple of Hip Hop as presented by Master Teacher, KRS-ONE:

“…Most professors and activists…approach hip-hop in the way that mainstream corporations approach it—as a product to be bought and sold. Because of this, those who practice the artistic elements of Hip Hop as well as those who may teach some aspect of hip-hop limit themselves to a corporate point of view where hip-hop is approached as an object to be sold, and not as a subject to be learned” 

Heavy? Bet. RELEVANCE:  

Be active in elemental hip hop as a student, an artist and a community; the movement requires all elements to overlap consistently with exceptional acceptance so that The Temple can be universal.  The community must advocate for youth, seek wisdom through respect for elders and welcome, in fact thrive off what is learned through the “shared idea”, the common factor that acts as foundation when all essential elements are combined.  Diversity is needed.  Hip hop is not a physicality. It is expressed differently through each follower and is dependent on all elements to establish a state of being (© 2000 by KRS-ONE).  

Wait, wait–why so serious you ask?

Is there an actual be there #ORSQUARE point to all of this? Without a doubt. Nosh on that all-call for the community to remember the necessary elemental diversity to move the movement and keep reading to find out where and who in the ATL has already digested it, found nourishment and is in celebration of who WE are. In true pre-game fashion, preppin’ for Hip Hop Appreciation Week, Quick Rojas and Atlantis showed ATL what the elements are all about in celebration of the Funk Lordz 12th Anniversary.

Take that classic drive up Moreland to whip in the prime spot, right at Glenwood and Flat Shoals, where they launched a celebration of ELEMENTAL proportions.  Union EAV started the weekend as Quic’s right-hand, Queen Sheba, shared her warmest of smiles, accepted all donations in support of the movement and opened the door to that diverse community with a common goal. Floating down the stairs, came the soul empowering live band sounds of UNMISTAKEABLE FUNK, while the floor called all breakers who dared to clear the space.  The beat of the drums, the pull of the strings, the tone of the vocals reminded body and mind to push out that energy with any move possible. As if the balance of deejay, emcee, vocalist, live instruments and breakers weren’t enough, the walk under the stairs filled in those other essential squares on that Hip Hop periodic table.

Knowledge, Entrepreneurialism, Fashion and genuine Expression pulled you right into the mural painted under the bridge of Union EAV.  The white-out backdrop scene was set for D. Divine Atlanta’s Premier Photography to encourage everyone who was anyone to take center stage and express for the camera all night! Between flashes one caught Rio Sirah proudly giving us a sneak peek into his special effects make-up and body painting.  With Corey J. Oates interpreting Rio’s Music in the Year 5000 theme through acrylics and oils in the corner, this celebration embodied more than most even attempt to organize and literally painted the night.   The party at Union didn’t even scratch the surface of this fellowship as hats off to the Funk Lordz kept the community gathering all weekend.  From EAV to The West End, Zulu Quic again hosted an EPIC breakdancing battle just two days after the madness from above!

Skill4Sole6 and Funk Lordz 12 yrs continued the elemental focus with a family friendly atmosphere, skateboards showing you exactly where to roll in, artist vendors lining the floor and breakers—BREAKERS EVERYWHERE! Holdin’ it down on the tables, DJ Mafioso inspired everything from poppin’ battles to freestyle battles, BBoys VS. BGirls and the reflection of the judges as they carefully observed to name the overall champs whose 2nd place competitors had to sign over their shoes (YES! Straight off their feet!) to offer respect for the exhibited Skill4Soles.  Boasting crews as deep as Zulu Nation, Funk Lordz Inc., HBO/TBB, Battle Holex and so many more, when the venue couldn’t extend the hours any longer for the barrage of skills exploding in every corner, ATL was taken by storm while the battles moved straight street style to the parking lot out back, headlights beaming, speakers blaring and concrete pushing each breaker to the brink.

ATL, where you at?!?  Because today’s lesson reminds us of who maintains that community of essential elements.  Zulu Quic, Zulu Nation, ATLantis, Funk Lordz, from individual breakers to crews upon crews, from live FUNK music to deejays, from body painting to canvas, from photographic expertise to irreplaceable family, this weekend set the precedent for real Hip Hop comin’ through this summer in the ATL.  Hip Hop was truly appreciated. ORSQUARE!

That little bit more In honor of Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2014:

According to the doctrine of The Temple of Hip Hop is themed upon HERITAGE:

“the history that one’s children rely upon to define themselves. This year [asked us to] meditate on what kind of history we are building for ourselves and for our children”

The Teacha, KRS-One.

With that in mind Atlanta, open that same mind further to remember our foundation and accept the generations of all elements.  Finding your niche within one or two elements is common and strengthening to the movement, but real Hip Hop requires, expects, nurtures the balance of all 9 elements and the diversity found when individuals express inside of each as a community through generations. ATL, don’t, however, find yourself in promotion or preservation of singular elements so consistently that you begin to exclude the possibilities the elements of each and every generation bring.  Move outside of your comfort zone to comfortably nest in community. #ORSQUARE.

“Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism are all fixed conditions of Hip Hop. These elements are permanent and immoveable from the existence of real Hip Hop. These elements are real Hip Hop, and those who promote and preserve these elements promote and preserve real Hip Hop. If one or more of these elements are not present in one’s self-expression one is not doing or being real Hip Hop” 

(Master Teacher, KRS-One.  “An Introduction to Hip Hop”  © 2000 by KRS-ONE).

Just as Zulu Quic does, just as the celebration of the Funk Lordz 12 yrs did, just as ATL does, maintain and help develop your heritage. Our future depends on it.

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