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The Pass In Review: Literary Magazine

To be honest, I never thought much about how veterans spend their post-service lives. It’s like picturing what celebrities do when their 15 minutes are up. I mean, can you imagine Lindsay Lohan working a regular job? or the Olsen twins? or the guys from NSYNC?

Unlike what some people think, veteran is not a synonym for retirement. Veterans are of all ages, and most of them don’t just sit at home and reminisce about their glory days. Like many celebrities past the height of their career, veterans find hobbies and venues to filter their life’s unique experiences. Sometimes it may translate into a new career, a new adventure, or another set of 15 minutes to shine.

Art is one of the most common pursuits humans turn to when they are in need of an outlet. Its therapeutic nature invites anyone to abuse it as a tool for communication, and as a mirror for self-understanding. It is a confidant to share a secret with, and an instrument of expression.

The Pass in Review

The Pass in Review gives a proper stage for art done by veterans of all wars from anywhere in the world. We all may fight for different causes, or under different leaderships, but at the end of the day, we are all humans fighting, and we all have a story to tell.

The magazine serves all sides. On the one hand, it offers veterans a place to showcase their art, and it encourages others to create it. On the other hand, it simplifies a search for people interested in both art and war. Art as expression is loved by many, but the expression of life’s experiences, specifically those of war and battle, is loved by specific few. All of this is done under the magazine’s mission to destroy the misrepresentation of veterans.

The Pass in Review Mission Statement: “Our goal is to cast veterans in a new light by allowing the public to see their work and gain an understanding of the veteran’s perspective.”

I agree with the magazine’s claim that veterans are underrepresented in the artistic community, and though the idea of war is not rare in art, and there are many opinions shared in artistic manner, being exposed to a release of first-hand experience from veterans, whether it be in paint, in words, or in sculpted material, has yet to become common.

The magazine is educational and holistic, and provides a wonderful opportunity for veterans to spill the beans, and for us to pick them up.

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