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People are only as powerful as their tools, and if you need the ability to explore unsearchable places, or desire to discover the unseen side of life, this pair of precision tools is exactly what you need. Although each has its own individual strengths, the combination of these two tools is the ultimate in civilian reconnaissance and advanced observation. Used by professionals around the world, this set is the essential toolkit for small denomination currency-retrieval, and all deep-cavity analysis needs. Don’t miss anything. Get the Extendable Wand Flashlight with Magnetic Tip and the Telescopic Inspection Mirror, and unlock the potential of enhanced sight.

Extendable Wand Flashlight with Magnetic Tip

This ain’t your grandpappy’s flashlight. This is a tool for a new generation, a generation that demands the utility of three powerful energies combined in one dynamic device. The Extendable Wand Flashlight with Magnetic Tip brings together Light, Magnetism, and Reach to form a tri-umphic force capable of defeating nearly any simple daily tasks.One thing is for sure, searching for loose change has never looked so cool.


–       A tri-force of 3 LED lights blasts over 100,000 Hours of blinding light.

–       Over 22” of extendable reach in one pocket-sized package.

–       Incredibly powerful Magnetic Tip provides an astounding 2.5 lbs of lift strength.

–       Flexible head allows 360° field of vision.

–       Handy belt-clip allows for quick access and storage.

–       Light and durable design is great for hours upon hours of use.

Just a few examples from the 1000s applications for the Extendable Wand Flashlight with Magnetic Tip:

–       Be the Hero, and retrieve loose screws from dark, or sandy areas.

–       Save time when locating lost keys in sewer drains.

–       Make money while recovering lost change from beneath the couch.

–       Have fun, and use it to explore nooks and crannies.

Telescopic Inspection Mirror

Tired of being limited to where you can put a mirror? Having trouble inspecting hard-to-see holes? Well, the Telescopic Inspection Mirror will reveal the solution to all of your sight-related challenges. Whether you are searching for gum under a table, or a bomb beneath a bus, this essential tool provides the reach and the crystal-clear reflection that is needed to see the whole picture


–       Over 29” of startling telescopic abilities.

–       Cushion-grip handle provides ergonomic comfort.

–       Circular mirror head reflects with focused accuracy.

–       Double-hinged attachment enables ultimate adjustability.

–       Discrete design is easily hidden in shirtsleeves.

–       Chrome-plated brass provides style and durability.

A quick peek at some of the many functions of the Telescopic Inspection Mirror:

–       Astound friends and family as you reflect the power of the sun into their eyes.

–       Search beneath vehicles for GPS trackers, car bombs, smuggled goods, and other contraband.

–        Be safe, and look around corners without exposing yourself to potential threats.

–       Finally, find out what’s on the top shelf.

–       Discover what lays hidden behind curtains and under long skirts.

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