Preo Vs. Wait Times: Who Will Come Out On Top?

Anyone living in today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking society is familiar with the term “hurry up and wait.” We rush to the grocery store before close, only to be forced to wait in a ten-minute line with a chatty, oversharing customer. We leave the house early, only to burst into school or work fifteen minutes late after waiting for an accident to clear on the road. We’re placed on hold, forced to listen to appalling music while waiting to speak with a customer service representative about our technical issues. We hurry to the bar, only to wait outside at the mercy of security. When the weekend hits, the last thing we want to do is spend more time waiting at the bar, praying we’ll be served quickly. With a new app development, we might not have to waste our valuable time.

Taking the hassle out of enjoying a cold one

Founders Richard Liang and Robert Estelle have developed Preo, an app for iPhone and Android that allows you place your drink order with secure and automatic payment. Order your drink of choice and *ping* you’ll receive a notification when your drink is ready. Pulling out your phone and flashing the order number at the bar allows for prompt pickup of your beverage. At venues with table service, it will be served without the hassle of drunkenly searching for (and dropping) your credit card when the bill arrives. Gone are the days where you need to find that “perfect moment” to stop your conversation to grab a beer. Distant are the moments when you feel invisible, wasting the night as busy bartenders pass by.

Preo is a useful tool for venues, with servers spending hours performing overhead activities instead of serving customers. Liang, a bartender in college, learned first-hand the painful amount of time spent swiping cards, straining to hear orders over loud music and excitable, intoxicated customers and entering orders into the point-of-sale system. This wasted time reduces valuable interactions that help servers earn their livelihood: tips.

“We’ve shown that with Preo, which eliminates point-of-sale interactions during busy periods, a bartender can serve 125 drinks per hour at a sustained rate since they don’t need to take cash, swipe cards, or punch in orders,” said Robert Estelle, co-founder, Preo. “Normally a good bartender can only serve about 60-70/hour even when they’re completely slammed…so that’s a huge difference.”

Word of Mouth Networking

Preo has recently launched in partner venues in New York City. Interested venues utilize the Preo Receiver to process orders, a receipt printer with notification lights and a ticket-taken detector. To expand the concept, the company is currently searching for distribution partners, connections to owners of high-profile venues and customer support.

“If you want Preo in your area, as a patron the best thing you can do is ask for it and connect us with venue owners,” states Estelle.

The project launched on April 2nd at The Gold Spike, Las Vegas and interested venues in Toronto, Canada are next.

Spend more time engaging in conversation with your hot date. Enjoy more hours tearing up the dance floor with your friends. Interact with customers instead of punching numbers into a system. If Preo is victorious, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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