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Previewing The Much Anticipated Trueblue Kickstarter

Nearly two and a half months into our voyage of free speech and brilliant journalism, Trueblue has reached it’s apex in expenditures. The journey has been great thus far; we have enjoyed the people we’ve encountered and take great pride in the articles we’ve published — and looking forward, we can’t wait for what comes next.

The Next Era

Kickstarter is a fantastic platform; to date it has successfully funded over 61,000 projects grossing over 953,000,000 dollars, but we aren’t going into this blind. Crowdsourcing is always a risky venture and we are well aware that Kickstarter’s success rate is a mere at 43%. So we’ve been doing our best to identify, analyze, and replicate those underlying details which either made or unmade other campaigns. And what we found was that the best Kickstarters were those conducted by people who approached their target markets and demographics with honesty, integrity and a business plan backed by a product with its own intrinsic appeal. We know we have all these things and that the nature of our product speaks for itself, and so we humbly come to you dear viewer.

We aren’t launching a Kickstarter to get rich off our asses, we are launching this Kickstarter to help fund us for the next 3-4 months while we strive to achieve financial independence so that we can keep on offering people an outlet where they know that writers allowed to speak both freely and true. Our staff is diligently pursuing advertisers and sponsors for our site and we’ve found some success, but the majority of the companies we have approached prefer a hardened concrete, and somewhat less open minded, platform and are making us wait a few more months in order to watch us develop.

This project will determine if we can keep Trueblue running in the same capacity that it is now.

Why Help Us?

Well we would really appreciate it, that’s for sure. Furthermore, we just need an extra push to recruit new staff, pay our current staff a wage they deserve, as well as complete the development of our website. We also need coffee, lots and lots of coffee to fuel the thousands of hours it takes to create over 100 original articles every month.

Since our launch in late February we have created a high-quality digital magazine which is home to fun, inspiring, and thought-provoking articles. And our media engagement doesn’t stop with articles, we also create awesome videos which include interviews with musicians and artists as well as other engaging forms of videography. Check out our newly founded YouTube channel! We have been blown away by the positive feedback Trueblue has had so far. In fact, in the last month alone we have seen over 40,000 unique visits.

What Else

We’ve also put together some awesome rewards and freebies to entice you, dear pledgers.

Such rewards include: custom designed t-shirts and hats by Chris Goursky, the ability to interview artists on our behalf, the ability to accompany us to concerts and to take pictures of artists with us, plus much much more.

Our freebies include: custom post-it notes, custom bottle openers and yummy custom Hershey chocolate bars.

Please keep an eye out in the next 7 days for our Kickstarter and please support us so we can make our dream a reality.

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