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Pubtap: Better Social Life with One Click.

Imagine a world where discovering the new “it” place doesn’t require hours of research and brainpower. Each venue has a different popular night, but how can we identify them? If we’re well cultured, we might be able to list all the hot spots in our cities. But trends are dynamic and keeping up with changes, including new bars, restaurant closures, new theme nights, is a full-time job in itself. The problem starts when we catch that flight and hope to discover a hidden gem of a restaurant or bar when traveling. Many of us search Google, looking for the “top ten”, well, anything to visit on our trip. We’re appalled to note the last rating was recorded in 2007 and end up drinking a warm beer at the generic, tourist trap in the middle of town. Jason Powers hopes to solve this problem with his superpower app: Pubtap. The first social utility of its kind, it is designed to be everyone’s personal social assistant. How cool is that?

A lightbulb ignited for Powers, who was inspired in “two parts” to deliver up-to-the-minute social information to facilitate a better social experience. “I had always been frustrated by how inefficient it was to call or text my friends when we were trying to meet up to hang out,” said Jason Powers, founder, Pubtap. Many of us can relate to the phone tag, with friends unable to hear their phone over loud music or not paying attention when engaging in great conversation. The app allows your friends to check-in upon arrival, eliminating the guess work to start the night off right.


“The second piece came when I was traveling for work and I wanted to go check out the local scene in this town I had never visited. I had NO idea where to go,” stated Powers. Yelp and Urbanspoon fail us at moments like this. Yes, these tools provide detailed ratings about location, service and the best appetizers to order, but they fail on one dimension: letting us know where we should visit AND when. Traveling can be frustrating and many times, travellers seek a taste of a destination’s true culture. Pubtap allows you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the busiest venues, inside and outside of tourist centres.

“Social utility” is a fancy word for a device that simplifies the process from point A to point B. Lyft and Uber, both transportation apps help users order their next ride in a matter of seconds. These apps were a source of inspiration to Powers upon creation of the product. With the convenience of a click of a button, he hopes to achieve the same goal with Pubtap. “No matter how frequently (or infrequently) you socialize, when you do, I want to make the experience an amazing one with as little extra effort as possible,” he stated.

With so many cool apps on the market, its difficult to stand out among the crowd. The product launch is set for May/June, with the company pledging to consistently adapt to create a more effective and efficient app based on user feedback. The company has started a Kickstarter campaign to generate buzz. Powers hopes to raise his goal of $7,500 to assist product launch, using personal savings to fund the remainder of the project.

“When you find a company that designs and builds its products in a way that respects you and your time as a user, I think its worth checking out,” stated Power. Not only does Pubtap allow you to search what’s good, but it also notifies you when the venue is getting busy. Finally an app that wants to help us have a better social life, I dig it.

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