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Ranting About Modern Times

Imagine that this is some catchy opening phrase for an article or blog post…

After that initial witticism or keen insight, the author presents you with a very profound topic. The idea is not unique; but they will pretend that it is. They are going to push it like it’s wearing ruby red slippers, and when you click three times, you’re really off to Kansas. No, for real.  Kansas.

The topic is something that could—no—will be captured in a meme or maybe by a broadcast via YouTube. It’s definitely getting shared, liked, and pinned. Maybe 150,000 times. Wise people will be nodding their heads in agreement.

I keep avoiding the subject, dancing around it like a ballerina, but that’s part of the fun. Right?

Okay, I’ll go ahead and get to the point. The theme of the article is how the new generation does blank, blank, and blank differently than it was done ten, twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty years ago, when the writer did it or when they were a kid and their parents did it.

It could be that this generation is texting when their generation was dancing. It might be that they played outside instead of playing video games. Perhaps they were reading books instead of watching movies. Maybe they actually laughed, while you just LOL.

It might be that modern parents go out of their way to help their kids with homework, or build a house from Popsicle sticks with their children, or throw a big birthday party. These actions couldn’t possibly be indicative of an involved parent who cares about their children. Nope. Somehow, this article is going to spin things so that modern parents are diminishing their child’s ability to develop independence or think: insert the negative result of your choice.

Or perhaps it is that the blog author was raised poor, and didn’t have money, or expensive gifts, or gifts on any day other than their birthday. Somehow they feel as if they have a keener sense of creativity than any other child who got toys more than once or twice each year.  They don’t have any sense of entitlement, which most assuredly stems from them not getting too many toys. Kids today are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!

The writers of these penetrating articles never went on vacations and they are better people for it. They drank out of water fountains, and didn’t get sick. They didn’t get birthday parties, and now they are wonderful adults. Their parents disciplined them, and rarely played games with them, and obviously, they are way better for it. Way. Better.

Obesity was invented in 1977, with the release of the Atari 2600.

 Steps down from soapbox for a moment and looks around…

Okay. I guess I’m a little fed up with all of the articles out there that insinuate how badly things are going in modern times. No matter what time in history you study, there were people that did bad things, and there were people that did good things. Sure, some kids play too many video games. Yep, some aren’t getting enough exercise.  Absolutely, some parents might go overboard and spoil their kids. No denying any of that—not at all.

But there are kids, modern kids and teens, who are world-class athletes, trying to find cures for cancer, and designing braille-reading devices from Legos.  A lot of them still dream about being cops, firemen, and astronauts. They have lofty goals. As with all of history, there will always be both good and bad.

My opinion? Oh man, here it is. I think you can be a fantastic parent and be your kids’ friend. I’ve seen it—I do it. And I still discipline my kids.

You can throw a party for your kids and you aren’t taking anything away from them by being involved. You can get together and make a craft at the dining room table… Crafts aren’t just for school. How silly is that?

Be a good parent, raise your offspring to be caring people, and do it your way. Take the morsels of wisdom you find in all the little nooks and crannies of life, apply some common sense, and have faith that moderation is your friend, except maybe in happiness. Indulge a little bit in happiness.

Ah, but who am I anyway? Just some guy with opinions who still has faith in people.

Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself.

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