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The Rise of the Erotic Robot Machines: Gidget Balls Gadgets

Machines will end masturbation for ever!

In a sci-fi kitsch world of tomorrow I can imagine a world not only of sight and sound (I had to say that in honour of Rod Serling) but also one of sexual pleasures at the hardware hands and sex organs of artificially intelligent mechanical Intel processor prostitutes where female and male robots which will be called Eroti-bots by the Marino Space Agency in the not so distant future will come fully equipped with amazingly lifelike vaginas, electro-labias and the genitals will be hard-on happy and hard wired to emit an electronic pulse that will be transmitted through sensors of the heavy metal hymen and designed to deliver a 220 volt jolt the human penis.

The future of the Eroti-bots is not just a lap dancing AI sex kitten for men. There will be eroti-bots for females as well. You’ve been using vibrators for decades anyway for that all pleasing “batteries not included” stimulation of sexual simulation. Now you can lay back and let the Danger Will Robinson Eroti-bot do his work mechanically putting some real mecha-he-man push into his pulsating AI penis where you can adjust settings to orgasm, multi-orgasim, mega orgasm or even get juiced up and soaking wet by putting the penis pedal to the metal by setting it to a very intense Orbital Orgasm where you can run sexual rings around Saturn as his member explodes and expands to the size of Jupitor!

The nice thing about the Will Robinson model is that once it ejects its load of synth-cum it will automatically refill itself, and while doing so the timer says, “I’ll be back!” The Terminator is now the Orgasimator. The machines will have names, be voice activated and disease free. Pregnancy? A thing of the past, unless you opt for the accessory package that includes frozen sperm from a sperm bank that can be injected and loaded into the load of your mecha-male, and then, through the act of intercourse, of course, voila! You can now give birth to a little R2D2 of your own!

The Female models will also have an Oral setting for one hell of Hoover vacuum blow job. The mouth, as the vagina will be composed of a fleshy realistic sexy synthetic material that will be able to gauge the pleasure level being attained, and in the case of the vagina, it can get tighter have more pull if it’s warranted and the synth-mouth will have separate settings much as the penis on the male model has. It will have a low blow job setting of Gentle Genitalia and progress upwards on the sex scale to the tempestuous Tornado Vortex that could to suck a hockey puck inside out!

Booty-Bots and Bang-Roti Machines

There will of course be various male and female bots that come in variety of racial models including Asian, so you can bang a gong or at least an Eroti-bot from Bangkok. Then there is the ever popular Black model male with adjustable penis size control from small, medium all the way to Biggie Size just as though you were ordering from Wendy’s! The Black Female Booty-Bot has one hell of motor hidden discreetly in her “trunk” or rear end and comes with a 300 horsepower thrust and four gears. There are also Lesbi-Bots and Gay-bots and even Trans-bots that have interchangeable sex organs and orientation settings. The Lesbi-bots come with AI strap-on technology developed my Microhard in Seattle, and Gay-bot has multiple settings from Oh Boy! to Lets Go Shopping! It comes in two models, Top or Bottom.

The Jetsons Models are a whole family of Eroti-bots that come as a complete set and you can have a robot romp with Judy or Elroy, they are machines so do not fall into the category of Pedi-bots, and will be legal in most countries, you can even have a robot go with Rosie the Maid, and if your lucky George and Jane Jetson can be set to “menage a trois” and you can frolic with both at once! The eroti-bots are coming; the rise of the machines as they say; artificial intelligence and mechanical sex, disease free, emotion free, pregnancy free unless you opt for it, and some will even enter into marriage with their machines and their mates can be recycled in time for environmental reasons, and replaced at the local hobby shop.

Remember Sally Field, that loveable Gidget? She has an affair with C3PO and Robbie the Robot, she is promiscuous to fault and wears a T-shirt stating clearly to the world her preference in terms of sexuality.

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