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Rob Ford’s {Words} In The Mouth Of A Child! (Video)

“Look, I’ve made mistakes, I’m sorry. I’m not perfect, I’m only human.” ~ Little Girl (or Rob Ford)

The first ‘anonymous’ anti-Rob Ford video since the Toronto mayoral campaign officially began – is making the rounds on YouTube.

Subtler and Smarter..

You may remember the two other well-produced videos were released in late January and early February. They called out Rob Ford for the many scandals he’s been involved in during his reign as Mayor for the City of Toronto. Interestingly enough, all three of the videos were uploaded by one-time, anonymous posters. The new video may take a much subtler, smarter approach in portraying Ford’s confessed use of crack cocaine.

This video puts his very words into the mouth of a child accused of breaking a pane of glass in a door. “I did not do the crack and I’m not in the habit of making cracks,” a little girl defiantly says to her accusing father. “As for the video, I will not comment on a video that I have never seen or doesn’t exist.”

Sound Familiar?

What may be most interesting is that this new video, along with a recent yard sign campaign orchestrated by a group called: No Ford Nation — is bringing to surface the key point that so far, mayoral candidates have been unwilling to tackle – namely Ford’s use of alcohol and crack while in the mayor’s office. It’s probably because they’d get the familiar Rob Ford response so well-reiterated by the girl in the video: “Look, I’ve made mistakes, I’m sorry. I’m not perfect, I’m only human. It’s in the past now. There’s nothing I can do about it. It is what it is, I’ve apologized and I think it’s time to move on.”


If we can’t accept these immature excuses from a 9 year-old who puts a crack in a pane of glass, then how can we accept them from a man who put ‘Crack’ in Toronto’s history forever?


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