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Gay Russians Get Married! Now What?

“Homosexuality in Russia is a crime and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with the other men. There is a three year waiting list.”

~ Yakov Smirnoff

Alexander Eremeeu and Dmitry Zaytsev were married at a civil registry in Argentina’s capital. Along side of them were gay rights activists, who very much believe that Argentina should provide refuge to people of homosexuality – instead of them being persecuted for their sexual orientation in other countries.

The couple is from Sochi where the winter Olympic games were just held. This being a resort city especially during summer, you would think the locals would be more open minded.

(Considering it is a vacation spot to thousands each year.)

Happily Ever?:

Mr. Eremeeu and Mr. Zaytsev plan to make a case before the National Commission of Argentina, within the next few days. They believe that their status of being a newly married gay couple, makes them vulnerable to mob violence and destruction – also police persecution and intolerance. The number of asylum cases have become quite common to the United States, Europe and now Russia.

Russia does not recognize civil unions as marriage – much like many parts of Africa. Due in part to famous Russian bureaucratic process – and maybe also persecution for showing their love for one another – it is expected to take up to 20 days, if not more for the refuge commissions to review the case.

“I personally think it is very fine for gay people to be married in civil ceremonies.” ~ Jimmy Carter

What’s Next:

Recently, countries like Uganda made same sex between consenting adults, punishable. A person may be imprisoned for up for 14 years. I’m not completely sure, but that sounds like homophobia is getting a little out of control. There is no reason or purpose for a human to act like this that is entirely justified or legitimate.

Being a person of homosexuality is not a disease. I believe in a matter of my opinion; you can’t touch it – you are either born that way or not. But deep down on the inside, whether some people will admit it or not, everyone has had that curiosity, maybe?

Also, there are people who may not be as brave as others to come forth, with the hope of being who they are and loving their life.

Many blessings to this couple and all same sex couples.