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School Shootings: Who’s Really to Blame?

[I, in no way, am supporting any of the people held responsible for any school shooting which has happened on American – or any other country’s – soil this year or any year dating back to the beginning of documentation of school shootings – which would be Greencastle, Pennsylvania in 1760]

T oday as I write this on June 10th, the 161st day of 2014, there have been 35 school shootings stretching from New York City to Los Angeles, the latest taking place in Oregon earlier today. Thirty-five different people pulling the triggers of guns to hurt or kill other people and/or themselves. These numbers almost equal 20% of the days it has been 2014. A fifth of the year has been plagued by some coward-asshole shooting kids, teachers, janitors, bus drivers and other staff at an institution which is meant to make the lives of all involved better. It’s rather scary. No matter what type of macho man you are or pretend to be. So why are these people shooting up the school houses? Why did President Obama have his personal records sealed before he took office as the top dog of the United States? The answers are simple, really, and the same; we’ll never know.

Intervention at an Impasse: Passing the Buck, Spreading the Blame & Arguing in Circles

Now, most media will report about the school shootings, and how many people were injured or killed, and give the names of the assailants, but will any of these news and information suppliers pass along the material needed to determine what the cause may have been? Or has the death toll been valued higher than the reasoning? Surely, the radicals will blame the Constitutional right of every American to bare arms as the immediate reasoning of these events because every American runs around the town they live in picking kids off from jungle gyms and auditorium stages. And the easiness to find a distributor to purchase weapons will be blamed as well. And the background checks of the buyers completed by the sellers of guns will be questioned and said to be too easy. Some may even go as far to look at the assailants background; came from a broken home, lived in a bad part of town, dropped out of school, parent died, sibling died and all the other things people seem to believe makes somebody do something they should have never done. But guess what, these things, these things which so many other people have deemed to be reasoning for any action, don’t mean a fucking thing. It seems whatever “reason” can be given to justify any point a politician is trying to make is the “reason” for these horrible, catastrophic events. Do any of you know why anybody has ever walked in to a school and started shooting other than the reason which was given to you by the media? If you do, why didn’t you stop them? Instead of reporting about the gunman and what the media has decided to be the reasoning for any of these shootings, why not report about the people who were injured or killed? Why not report about the man, woman or dog who stopped the prick before they even started shooting? Why are these ass-bags protected so much after they’ve been contained by law enforcement officers?

The Importance of Re-Evaluating the terms of our Social Discourse

Tell ya what. If somebody is pissed off at the way their life is or is upset because Tits McGee is the starting Center for the basketball team, instead of pampering them and giving them the ability of suing whoever may have hurt their feelings, how about we smack ’em on the ass and remind ’em life is tough. They’re gonna get smacked in the face and kicked in the dick plenty of times before they get to where they want to be. And parents, did your parental units pamper you when you were young? When you got a C- on a assignment, did they go to the school and claim the grade was given because the teacher is a racist? Did they make you wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow guards and a rubber mouth piece when you rode your bike down the block? Because mine sure as hell didn’t and it might be one of the best things the never did for me. Am I blaming the parents of the pricks who shoot up school houses? No. Nor am I blaming the government officials. But there was somebody –or the lack of somebody– in the lives of each of these people who aided the assailants to complete such horrible acts. We need to look in to this, somehow.

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