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Self-Healing Plastic — It’s a Thing

The field of microbiology has just presented something amazing to the populous; self-healing plastic. Imagine the T-1000 from  Terminator 2 but instead of metal, it’s regenerating plastic — pretty cool, right?

However, this is still a fairly new process and it would take a significant amount of time to regenerate a body’s worth of plastic. At the moment they’re working in small scales to demonstrate the use of how it could be used to fix various types of cracks.

Plastic that reacts

One issue they’re still working on is the quality. As it forms back to its original state, it’s no longer at 100% strength, it has now dropped to about 62%. Along with the durability, they are also looking into different solidifying rates by adjusting the chemical reactions. For example, they want it to go at a much slower speed for several deep cracks; this way they could be thoroughly filled. However, if a pipe had burst and water was spraying out then a much faster-paced regeneration would be required.

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