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Playlist: Bringing Sexy [Music] Back

Music and sex go together like Jay-Z and Beyoncé (for confirmation, see their epic performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards here). This is not up for debate. Music moves people emotionally, but it can also move you…elsewhere.

Dissonance resolving into harmony, a heart-thumping bass line, a slow-building crescendo—these aspects of music, and many more, are directly related to our experience of visceral pleasure. Music can bridge the gap between mind and body, and very literally bring people together. As obvious as it seems, this deep connection is surprisingly easy to forget.

Odds are, if you’re a music lover then you have probably at some point met another music lover, and you two have become actual lovers. This scenario can be awesome: you start dating, go see some music, do some dancing, and for the first few months you retreat readily to the bedroom at night, accompanied with your lover and some smooth and sexy tunes—maybe even a few candles.

Then at some unknowable point in time, things change: you “get comfortable,” settle in to a routine, and suddenly you’re watching TV until somebody falls asleep on the couch. Or waking up to Words with Friends on your iPhone, instead of rolling over for a morning romp. You do not have to be in your 40s or have kids or even be married for this to happen. It just does.

We have allowed smartphones and social media to replace late night listening sessions, and chosen Facetime over pillow talk. Guys pretend it’s not happening, and ladies lament the lack of sex to their girlfriends (yes, even your girlfriend talks about how much sex you are not having).

Well, friends, spring is upon us—the time for the birds and the bees to start buzzing—and it’s time to get back to our relationship roots. It is time to make some moves, and let music move you again. It is time to bring the music back to the bedroom. There’s a reason they call it “getting your groove on,” after all.

Lucky for you, we have the perfect playlist to bring your bliss back to the bedroom (available below in both Spotify and Rdio), with nearly three hours of super sexy tunes covering everything from classic artists to brand new bands, from smooth grooves to get-down-to-business beats. And if that doesn’t get you lucky a few times over, try some of the custom playlists on Songza, which we reviewed here (just don’t download these apps in bed, please).


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