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Sochi Nicknames: So-Cheap and So-Cheat. Russia Plunders and Blunders Olympic Games?

With nicknames like, ‘So-Cheap!’ and ‘So-Cheat!’ – it’s no wonder there is buzz about the blundering, and plundering that may be going on, at the current 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

The #sochiproblems include everything from undrinkable ‘drinking water’, tenuous toilets facing each other only inches apart, shabby and non-existent rampant rumours of cheating and rigged judging. Even the Russian Deputy Prime Minister finding it necessary to warn “any gays coming to the Olympics not to touch any children”. Really?! He even made the blunder of admitting that Russia has cameras watching the Olympic tourists as they shower! The well-earned pride of the Russian people themselves is taking a hit.

But, That’s Not All:

You don’t even have to arrive at the Games to see one of the more obvious blunders at the current 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. You need only land by plane (or depart) from Sochi’s airport to experience this one. Because at the airport in Sochi, you will find five enormous concrete sculptures which seem to represent the Five Olympic Rings.

Each labelled in strong font with both Russian and English writing, each with it’s own name of 1 of 5 continents upon it: Africa (black), Asia (yellow), Australia (green), Europe (red) and the Americas (blue: pictured below). However, even though Russia decided to create these sculptures using the Olympic Rings this way. I am sure most Russians wanted it right.

“The rings are not assigned to each continent.” ~¬†Mark Adams,¬†Olympic Committee Spokesman


Can we add a new nickname to these Games? From ‘So Cheap’, to ‘So Cheat’ ‘So Wrong’!!

The truth is when Pierre de Coubertin, considered the founder of the modern Olympics, designed the rings a century ago – he chose black, red, yellow, green and blue – because every flag in the World has at least one of these colours, according to the Olympic Museum. So how could Russia get this so wrong? Did they even care enough to research?!

Who Knows?

Say what you want about cheap financial fumblings and the cheating political propping that can plague most of the Olympic Games no matter where or when they are held. But at least Russia could have researched enough to get it right with the Olympic sculptures that greet everyone as they come and go!

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