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Song Premiere: Oswald “Kid” (ft. Mico Ariola)

18 year old San Franciso rapper Oswald‘s debut EP Ride drops October 14th, and today we’re luckily enough to debut his song “Kid” off of the record. The Mico Ariola-featuring track features the unique and unexpected production that fills most of Ride, with the synth-heavy track sounding more like what’s going on in indie rock now that hip hop. It’s a unique blend to be sure, and one that melds wonderfully with Oswald’s positive, forward-thinking lyrics.

Oswald has said his conscience music is a reaction to the current state of Rap, calling it a “breeding place for people spitting nonsense and promoting hate, misogyny and violence.” It’s a refreshing outlook and one the young rapper takes seriously, both on stage and off saying, “I live my life in a very simple way, to make the lives around me better.”

Personally, I can see this sound connecting with a lot of people and Oswald doing some big things in the future. You can pre-order Ride by following this link, and check out album cut “Swimming With Sharks” below as well.