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Song Premiere: The Grand Undoing – “The Ballad Of Alvin Gordon”

True Blue has another exclusive song premiere for you today in the form of The Grand Undoing‘s “The Ballad Of Alvin Gordon” off of his upcoming second LP, White Space Flavors and Parties on TV, out 8.14.14. Seth Goodman, aka The Grand Undoing, brought an amazingly wide variety of influences and sounds to the table on White Space Flavors and Parties on TV and his “Champagne Rock” is filtered through a Bowie and Costello lens.

By far the most “twang-filled” track on White Space Flavors and Parties on TV, “The Ballad Of Alvin Gordon”‘s lyrics fit the bittersweet sounds of the pedal steel guitar that’s layered beautifully throughout the track. “The sparkling wine is overflowing / But the good times may never come again”, Goodman laments before the tune takes off a fantastic hand clap and guitar-filled outro that clocks in at nearly two mintues. Very cool stuff. Check out the track below:

Keep an eye peeled for more news from The Grand Undone, and look for the interesting White Space Flavors and Parties on TV next month.

Currently announced tour dates:
White Space Flavors Pre-Release Party at Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery on Saturday 8/9, 6-8pm, Sparkling wine toast and a Grand Undoing acoustic set at 6:45.