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The Stars as We Know Them

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight

It’s amazing that when we look up into the sky to see swirls of green, blue, and red colors colliding together like a collage painting; we are seeing the universe around us. One of the most beautiful, allegorical, behemoths of our century, quondam centuries or subsequent centuries!  A mystical expanse that devours my very intellectual process into nothing more than a happy meal. In other words, no matter how much I think about the cosmos, it’s deflected into nothing more than a simple thought: I don’t know a damn thing!

Yet we know more about space, than we do our own oceans. We know more about the moon, than we do our own existence! I find this baffling, but not astonishing. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you probably realize that i am a bit of an anarchist. That isn’t to say that i don’t believe in a government, just not our government. No, i don’t believe that communism is the way to go, or totalitarianism, especially not a national socialism! Yet I do believe that there is a way to work with the people, for the people, and as the people; egalitarianism! If you tell me that North America is doing a damn fine job, I will tell you to open your eyes! I won’t dictate that you are wrong either, I will just ask that you truly try to understand the world we live in, before you tell me that we are a free and united nation.

So what am I leading to? Well here is the twist, the tornado of truth to this article. What I am leading to is the stars, the stars rule our North American society, our egotistical world! Celebrityarianism? Maybe? By blinding us with celebrities, it seems that we are more interested in Hannah Montana twerking or Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z taking a few blows to the face by Solange, than we are with the events in Ukraine or the poor young women who were abducted!

Is this possibly a tactic that has been set in place to blind us from the truth that we live in; could this be Globalism? The brutal, cold blooded fact is that Mark Zuckerburg is now ruling our social lives! With a poll taken in 2012, there are more than 1.4 billion Facebook users! Do you think that the government doesn’t have access to your selfies? What do you think happens when your phone asks if you want to let an app track your position? Oh that’s so cool, now you can always update your location for your convenience!

Large corporation’s, and personal individuals BEG for you to follow! Some companies give away free merchandise, just to lead you as a follower. If you aren’t a leader, you are a follower. So what could be gained by creating so many followers? Well we can infer that creating followers can also create an army, may it be an army of social zombies, or an army of digital numbers, it’s all still an army! You are probably thinking that I am headed for left field, but sometimes it’s in left field where the biggest plays are made! To think outside-the-box seems to be the way that life has succeeded through out the years. Imagine believing that the world was actually round and not flat! Or to think that we could fly all around the world, or breath underwater for days on end! Do you think it was someone who followed a mundane sense of reality that thought like this? No way!

Yet how can we have anomalous thinkers, when your only trying to do what P.diddy did yesterday, or want to know what Blake Shelton had to eat only a few hours ago? We’ve become so obsessed with the stars trapped in our orbit that we forgot that there are real stars floating outside! Stars that actually have an impact on our society and world; suns you can even label!

A fragment of one of these stars, the Chelyabinsk meteor, actually had an impact on our planet. With such ferocity that some of us, very few of us, saw this as a sign of change! I won’t be obtuse to this meteor like most, I will accept it as a metaphorical and realistic sign that something is happening bigger than we can fathom!

It’s time that we closed our eyes to the never ending ignorance around us! Who cares who Kim Kardashian married? Is it going to enlighten you? Is it really going to benefit any of us to know if Kimye is going to be successful or not? Why is the nation being consumed by matters that mean ABSOLUTELY nothing!? Why are we numbing our intellect with immaterial that poisons our future? Ignorance is the key to bliss, and it’s simply put with wise words such as that. How do we create a world of happiness, with none other than ignorance! If the world doesn’t know about the truth, the reality is that we are in a cold war, with the profound and disturbing fact that the brink of society lies in the hands of only a few. Well then we can’t be malcontent, looking back at the last movement, occupy wall-street, it didn’t take long for them to disband it.

Here in Nova Scotia, we had a very similar movement. Occupy Nova Scotia! Myself and a few of my friends made the trip in support of it. What I saw was utter abhorrence. The disrespect to such an awe inspiring movement in today’s society was exasperating to say the least. Yes, I spoke my two pennies, and was kicked out by the drug-induced, hypocritical, amorphous society that tarnished such a powerful movement! Of course I debated with all my heart before I left, but it didn’t seem that anyone could counter their own contradictions.

So exactly what was it that upset me? When a movement against the corporate world in America was fighting, and actually taking punishment, and I was just standing in a party full of nobodies speaking about nothing. Arrest were made, some even shot with beanbags in the state’s, yet here in Halifax, the only arrest I saw were those arrested by the hypnotic allure of ecstasy pills. While I was in the parade square, looking at a dancing spider-man and corporate warmongers begging, no cadging  for John Player smokes, I  was flabbergasted. I was responded with, “We need to smoke, man!” This is fine, but when you are fighting for a cause, sacrifices MUST BE MADE! I implored that this is a fight against the corporate world, and that they should be buying smokes in other ways, may it be illegal or not, that is part of the message. They shouldn’t be succumbing to the desire in which the corporations thrive on! So began the downfall of such a powerful movement, turned into an enervated cause.

So what helped debilitate such a strong and mighty force fought for the people, by the people? Could it have Beyonce’s pregnancy? Or maybe it was Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage? Possibly the break up of the Schwarzenegger’s? They all seemed to take place during such a powerful cause, and it seems to me that you only got glimpses of the occupy movements. In honesty, the only time I recall hearing about them, was when it was to tarnish or hinder the movement. Oh I’m not the kind of person that thinks Celebrity life is a conspiracy to deter us from the important issues. No, for one fact, I just don’t care about celebrity life. The only thing that makes Brad Pitt even become an interest in my life, is when he’s in an awesome movie I want to see; otherwise I let the man be. Yet when it comes to thinking big players in American history don’t have anything to do with American society and continental shifts, well, I wouldn’t controvert such ideas!

No, I’ve come to think outside-the-box, and I’ve started to realize that life is one big chess game! I refuse to be a pawn or a rook, and I’ll never become a King or a Queen, in chess terms. So exactly what part can i play? The part that grabs the board and flips it, freeing all of the pieces from it’s designated square! In hopes that we can think as individuals and resist our incarceration to the square’s rules.

I am not a movement, I am not a solder, I am not a pawn, I am not a celebrity, I am not an insurgent, nor am I a citizen! I am a man who wants to see equality served to the people, I am a being who wishes to see justice on all levels, I am a nation that has become befuddled in thought, I am an idea is begotten!

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