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Support Our Troops (With Cigars!)

 Oh Cigars how I love thee and how my girlfriend hates thee. I have been a cigar smoker for just over a month and I have had the freedom  to go to the store to dabble in the various brands from different countries — being in Canada allows me to go one step further and get a coveted Cuban cigar to which our neighbours to south have limited to no access.

As civilians, we still have the ability to go to the store and buy them anytime we feel. Well, what about our troops overseas; while fighting for their country they have very limited gateways in attaining cigars. Luckily there is a non profit out there that does just that! Meet Over the last two years they have made groundbreaking progress in their mission to bring cigars to troops. has delivered over 2500 care packages with over 110,000 cigars to the troops in war zones. Just this Monday they sent out another 96 care packages that included 3840 cigars. If you support this cause you can donate online; all cigars & money received goes towards shipping to the troops.

Check them out on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with this altruistic group of cigar givers.



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