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A shelf that fits where others don’t.

Etsy is a wide and wonderful place with handmade and vintage goods that appeal to a wide range of tastes. While looking for an item to review this week I’ve chosen something practical and universal. The corner box shelf by The807 is a simple piece that adds storage in an area often ignored. Whether or not it will fit into your d├ęcor is a personal choice but the neutrality and simplicity of the design options lend themselves well to a wide range of styles. For those of us into minimalistic and utilitarian home design, a corner shelf is perfect. Why not utilize some classically wasted space while maintaining a crisp and clean design aesthetic?

Maybe you’re a college student in a dorm. You’ve got one set of inbuilt shelves if you’re lucky. A liberal application of command strips can hold up almost anything and let’s be honest, you’re going to do much worse to your walls this semester.

What about you post grads living in a studio? Those empty corners aren’t doing much for you. Add some shelving, save some space, jazz up your interior. Break up those plain white walls with some color and create some geometric contrast!

The shelves are handmade from pine with the option to add accent colors and carry the following dimensions:
Width 4.5″
Height 13.75″
First length 15.5″
Second length 13″

It’ll fit your books or other book sized objects by default but custom orders are accepted. Regular orders run for $45 with another $16 for US shipping. Canadian shipping is $40 and everywhere else is $60.

Check it out here!

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