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The Dark Side Of The Creative (My Little Secret)

“For the Moon never beams without bringing me dreams..” ~ Edgar Allan Poe


I have a deep-seated, dark little secret that I need to share with you. Before you think I am a some sort of creepy creep, or that mega Netflix marathon of CSI catches up to you – no! – I am referring to the ‘secret way’ I unlock (and unblock) my creative. But I never said it was a very well-kept secret, as maybe you are already lucky enough to have discovered this nugget. And the secret I am referring to is: Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon! It’s 42:56 Minutes of pristine creative brain chemistry – I kid you not.

And Yes! – I, too, was NOT born before The Dark Side of the Moon was released – so don’t feel alone on that. When I was younger there was a separate rebirth of Pink Floyd popularity, but was geared more around large-scale performances and really about going exoteric in groups. Whereas, the Dark Side has always been about going inward, and there has been such a HUGE resurgence in popularity for this masterpiece over the last 5 years, especially with all manner of creative folks and shall we say..the ‘less attentively inclined’?

The SECRET seems out! Writers, Musicians, Painters and most other ‘creators’ alike, they all seem to really dig the Dark Side!!

About The Legacy:

The Dark Side of the Moon: was built upon experiments that Pink Floyd had attempted in their previous live shows and recordings. The Dark Side of the Moon’s lyrical themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, death, and insanity, the latter inspired in part by Barrett’s deteriorating mental state – he had been the band’s principal composer and lyricist.

The album is notable for its use of conceptual and philosophical lyrics, as found in much of the band’s other work. The album is particularly notable for the metronomic sound effects during ‘Speak to Me’, and the tape loops that open ‘Money’. Mason created a rough version of ‘Speak to Me’ at his home, before completing it in the studio. The track serves as an overture and contains cross-fades of elements from other pieces on the album.

Creative Riches:

(TRIVIA Tip: Some of the profits were invested in the production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

The success of the album brought previously unknown wealth to all four members of the band! Richard Wright and Roger Waters bought large country houses, and Nick Mason became a collector of upmarket cars.

Engineer Alan Parsons received a Grammy nomination for for The Dark Side of the Moon, and he went on to have a successful career as a recording artist with ‘Alan Parsons Project’. Although Waters and Gilmour have on occasion downplayed his contribution to the success of the album, Mason on the other hand, has praised his role.

“I think they all felt that I managed to hang the rest of my career on Dark Side of the Moon, which has an element of truth to it. But I still wake up occasionally, frustrated about the fact that they made untold millions and a lot of the people involved in the record didn’t.” ~ Alan Parsons (Sheesh!)

 Suggestions for Using:

Whether you’ve never heard The Dark Side of the Moon before at all, or maybe you are rather familiar in passing, or even if you consider yourself a huge Pink Floyd fan, there is still a right way, and an even BETTER way to use this music experience to boost and improve creative.

Getting started is as Easy as: 1, 2, 3:

1) In the beginning when I first started using, when there was time to spare I would always listen to the whole 42:56 minutes without first creating anything at all! Lie back..undisturbed, preferably through headphones – and as you listen the first time through, let your mind wander and ponder your creative intentions and objectives.

If you are battling a blockage, then try and visualize and conquer what is blocking you, within this first mind-setting session.

2) You will know when the feeling comes over you and the Dark Side has done it’s job. When it begins to work, you will notice because you will start to feel different – almost ambitious and enthused again about creating. Many times, I am still deeply thinking before I realize the music has stopped, before I ‘snap to it’ and either re-start the music, or START CREATING – or often ideally, both!

3) Play it during the creative, too! Your inspirations from the dry run in the beginning are carried over as new ones are emerging. Harness the symphonic flow as The Dark Side of the Moon carries you through almost 45 minutes of mind-numbing creative, end-to-end. And if that wasn’t enough time, I just start the whole thing over again until I am done.

And now I have managed to pass on my dark little secret to you. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed? It hasn’t let me down yet.

And I hope it works out for you, too..

Happy creative.

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