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The Emperor, The General and The Craftsman

There once lived a very powerful ruler of all the known World..

An enlightened Emperor of vast lands and fortune – who was also, utterly MANIACAL about the concept of ‘perfection’.

As legend has it, after one particularly powerful night of spiritual sessions and otherworldly pursuits, along with his veritable legion of: Mages, tribal Witchdoctors and druidic Seers – he was suddenly racked with ‘INTENSE VISIONS of the MOST PERFECT SPHERE EVER‘.  The voices accompanying his vision told him he must own and display. The Emperor was convinced that achieving this goal would ensure the rule of his bloodline and the greatness of his Kingdom for eternity!

After an exhaustive search of the known World for this item he was seeking, including wars with neighbours and expeditions to far-off and dangerously wild lands – he had failed to find anything even close to what he had witnessed in his visions. So, the powerful Emperor challenged a commission to his Kingdom to make and present to him, the most perfectly polished sphere that he had witnessed in his visions – to place it in front of his throne on display.

He demanded that the General he had assigned to the mission use only the finest Shungite gem (a most rare and powerful type) and reiterated that ONLY the MOST perfect results would do. And of course, this all was reinforced by sentence of torture and death for any failure to deliver to the Emperor..

So, the General went to search out ONLY the Kingdom’s GREATEST sources of: the gem they had to use, the craftsmen and the supplies they would need – and then they set out with the vast and mighty power of this Emperor’s Kingdom and produced what they knew would surely please him. And after an epic amount of effort, magic, passion and death – they gazed on the most perfectly round and polished gem sphere surely ever made by mankind’s means! They knew they had succeeded, and rushed it to to the Emperor for inspection.

The General returned to his Emperor, and presented the perfect creation with pride. However, in his haste to impress with his mission, the General had neglected to notice that the master craftsman had somehow left a TINY SCRATCH in it!!!

In raging shame and boiling anger, the General rushed his best men to apprehend the Master Crafstman responsible for creating the sphere.

(Which they found him and returned him to the Emperor’s Throne Room, to behead him in front of the Emperor with pageantry..)

“Here is your fool, my Emperor! Here is the man who lacks the wisdom to ensure perfection is all that you receive..”, said The General, as he took time to describe the efforts it took to capture the wise and wily master craftsman, to return him safely.

And as they were preparing to serve sentence and behead the nervous man, the Emperor was struck by how wisely and fearlessly the craftsman stared back at him. His men preparing, the Emperor and craftsman staring so strongly and silently back and forth at each other, until finally the Emperor broke the silence and said to the condemned man before him:

“You! Master craftsman. Creator of this otherwise PERFECT SPHERE I am presented – created with divine intent and polished to perfection..and yet YOU, an obvious Master leaves a SCRATCH?! WHY??! Why do you disrespect me?? WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU SO CARELESS?!!!!”

And the Master Craftsman waited a moment to answer, as it was not customary for common folk, even a master craftsman to ever speak directly to the Emperor for any reason. And after being egged on by the Emperor to proceed, as the wise Emperor needed to know the answer to this puzzling experience. So, the Craftsman said to the Emperor (and speaking for the first time even though they were about to behead him):

“Great Emperor, if I did not leave a a small mark as I did, then how would anyone be able to tell how perfect the rest of it is?”

Instead of beheading the master craftsman as the General had hoped, the Emperor then ordered the two men to instantly trade places..

(WISDOM GAINED: For even the most perfect sphere needs a mark, in order to show just how perfect it really is.)

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