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The Memphis Symphony Orchestra needs Help!

Memphis Tennessee has a long history of music culture. When you talk about great scenes Memphis probably doesn’t get mentioned enough. Rock n Roll, Blues, and Jazz all owe a lot to Memphis. As music fans we all owe a lot to Memphis. Memphis gave us records from Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King. Sadly, an integral piece of Memphis’ music culture is facing major financial difficulties. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra is going to have to end their season early, dropping 9 concerts from the schedule, if they don’t get some help.

Classical isn’t as big of a genre as it once was. You don’t hear kids talking about the latest greatest composer on facebook. You do hear about the people who’ve received classical music training. That’s a huge part of why you should support the MSO, its relevance isn’t self contained. Classical training and exposure has a huge out-genre impact.

Lead Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones was trained in and influenced by classical music. Could you imagine Kashmir without the cellos? If the Ambrose Orchestra hadn’t been around you might have to. Even the new kids on the block draw inspiration from classical music. Zedd known for his semi-recent hit Clarity¬†was also classically trained. He’s received recognition from artists such as Skrillex and Deadmau5 for bringing that classical training to the EDM genre.

This’s a huge part of what the MSO is trying to do, provide a chance for people to be exposed to a kind of music that helps drive some of the best stuff in the whole genre spectrum. They don’t just do concerts; they’ve got community outreach programs that span from preschool to highschool. Tunes and Tales is a great example of the kind of work they do.

Family Tunes and Tales is a fun, free, and exciting way to get your children engaged in reading and music! Designed for 3-8 year-olds, this is the perfect opportunity for your young children to learn and experience firsthand how music and stories fit together.
You can bring your children to every concert at your local library and see a different ensemble every time, absolutely free!

Beyond being able to help preserve an important musical institution the rewards are mostly based around the Memphis area. If you want to make the trip to Memphis and have between $100 and $5000 you can: snag a photo opp, have a lunch date, sit in on a rehearsal, or have a private house concert. All pretty cool stuff. Lower pledges will get you a bumper sticker or a t-shirt but they only do local deliveries. So far they’re doing pretty good. With a month left and almost 4/5th’s or their funding goal reached it looks like the MSO will be able to finish out their season but they still need help hitting that full $25,000. Maybe everyone out there in internet land won’t be able to reap the benefits their pledge would afford to Memphis locals but if your pledge keeps the first chair from becoming an empty chair isn’t that enough?

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