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The News Today: One Kardashian and Lots of Crap

Good morning, or afternoon depending where you while reading this, today is November 16, 2014. Not much has changed since yesterday; still getting colder in Chicago, the Bears still suck (even with the win today over the Vikings), the price for smokes is still going up, the week still has seven days, and Kim Kardashian’s ass is plastered all over the place. Again.

A question for you, dear reader: how is anything she does important to any of us? I assume and hope your answer is the same as mine: she’s an untalented hack with a big ass. Nothing more.

But, it’s how the news is reported today. Find a “story” which is going to draw peoples attention to a news station or website to increase numbers reported on the data and spreadsheets made for the viewing eyes of potential investors to further pad the pockets of the CEO’s of said news stations or websites. This is how the news that is reported on is selected.

Think about this for a second. Would you— no matter male or female— be drawn to a website with a picture of the ass belonging to Talentless West or a picture showing nothing but dead bats? Nine times out of ten, the dead bats will be left in the dust.

Speaking of dead bats, did you know the bat population is currently decreasing by the millions? Know why? Neither does most of the population. Same goes for bumble bees, but they’re dying off by the billions, not millions. And not many people report about it.1416099333590_Image_galleryImage_nypost_cover_kk_01_jpg

While the bats and bees are dying off and possibly headed toward extinction, birds of all kinds are dying at startling speeds as well, but most wouldn’t know about this because birds are not celebrities marrying other celebrities.

But guess what? As reports of this rapper or that manager of some other musician were being read for 15 of the 30-minute news cast last night, the ice caps remained melting, toxic farming practices continued, lands were raped of their trees and shrubbery to construct more outlet malls and/or Starbucks, industrial waste continued to kill our atmosphere, and the prison population kept growing larger.

Yes. Let us please have a moment of silence for the recently deceased.

There are wars going on in the world which include NOT A SINGLE THING related to Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, any of the Kardashian Clan or any other Facebook famous clown. But this is what we hear about.

The war on drugs is being trumped by “celebs” fighting about whose ass is better. And so is the war against illegal aliens. Have you heard about the war which explains how our civil rights are being violated each and every day? No. And you never will. Not on a major news station or paper anyway.

Do you know how much of our life depends on fossil fuels? Much more than you think. Did you see the report explaining what we, as a people, will do when they are used up? Me neither. Surely some will say solar and wind power will take the place of fossil fuels. Not a chance this will happen.

Most people can tell me who the most recent “star” to come out of the closet was and just how rude people can be to others for being the daughter or wife of a head football coach or quarterback in Chicago, but don’t know the acid levels in the oceans are rising to levels unheard of: it will soon be like swimming in metal melting liquid. But, let me guess, you’re aware of the work-out routine used by Mrs. Obama and aren’t really a great swimmer anyway.

I care none about this reality show. Or the people on it. I care none for the mugshot of some clown from Canada who American teenage girls think is a great singer. I do not wish to buy any product from a company who is a sponsor of your show. Or read, ever again, about how some ex-Disney star has lost his or her mind and is living like a fool.

You are the news. Start reporting it.