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Things I Have Learned About Seattle Since Living Here (Part 1)

First off, I just have to say how much I love this city. I am not talking just a fondness for it, but my love for Seattle is on life-partner status. Seriously. Even with the deep love I have, I am a newbie and I have learned some things that could only be figured out by actually living here.

Without further ado:

  1. Food!

    Oh. Em. Gee; Seattle is a food paradise! Everything and anything your taste-buds desire can be found here, and most likely can be delivered to you at any time. Ethiopian food? Check! Gluten-free and Vegetarian? Definitely!

  2. Apparently most Seattlites are imported from other places.

    I am a pretty friendly person, and will talk to anyone. Inevitably the topic turns to “where are you from?” Very surprisingly, just about every individual I have talked to is NOT a native to the city. A lot of people come from California, or somewhere from the deep south.

  3. Seattle is known for being super unfriendly.

    This was news to me, because I have gotten so many invites to go places, have made many connections and have felt super embraced in the two, almost three months I have been here. Upon further investigation into this, I found out it was Seattle natives who are this way; now I understand why I have only had amazing experiences thus far.

  4. Unhealthy habits and healthy habits hold hands and walk together.

    Cyclists geared up riding and smoking cigarettes. Serious runners hitting up the bars hardcore. Nobody blinks an eye! This has been the most fascinating thing to me. Who knew…

  5. Combat boots are perfectly acceptable foot-ware!

    I totally used to be into the grunge scene growing up, and was sad to see it end. So to live in the city where grunge started and where combat boots are (still) considered fashion forward? Score!

  6. Rain.

    Yes, it does rain, but not even as much as I was forewarned about. I heard horror stories about how the constant rainfall
    would depress the hell out of me and that I would barely see the sun. Either

    A) People made this up to scare outsiders away
    B) I live in other-dimensional Seattle
    C) My time living in Cleveland, Ohio made me an embittered veteran of horrific weather.

  7. Oodles of talented people!

    I am a writer, I came here to get my writing out and about. I am confident in my writing, it is good! I am also talented, confident writer # 9765 (get in line). From poets, writers, actors, dancers, glassblowers and all sorts of artisans there are no shortages of brilliance in all disciplines and genres.

  8. Nobody cares about you.

    I mean it in the very best way. I live in the region of the country nicknamed “the Pacific NorthLeft”. Obviously this is a very liberal and open-minded place to be. I love that! People live the way that they see fit and there is much room for individuality and personal freedom(s). So go ahead and rock that 15th century costume, plus fairy wings, that you have been dying to take a mid-day stroll in, nobody cares.

  9. Dick’s.

    I was talking to a random person during my first few weeks in Seattle, and things were going well, until they threw this at me: “So, I am not sure if you have, but you really need to go and get some Dick’s, you wont regret it.” To say I was puzzled and a bit shocked at their bold suggestion of what needed to happen in my personal life, would be an understatement. The look on my face caused a huge outburst of laughter, and then I was let in on the hilarity: Dick’s is a fast food spot that is known and deeply beloved by Seattlites for old-school burgers, fries and milkshakes (they also set a precedent in fast-food for paying a fair wage as well!).  Oh. Okay. Well now I know.

  10. Coffee.

    It’s practically a religion, and you had better choose the right one. I love coffee. I allow coffee to take the wheel of my day to save me from utter exhaustion. I have been known to drain two pots in one day on the regular. I thought that was pretty epic! But Seattle has shown me that my devotion is not nearly up to par for I have not been to every tabernacle of the java bean (aka coffeehouses and cafes) and I am associating with the wrong kind of coffee, *whispers* Starbucks. For this blasphemy, I have experienced laughter, mocking and offers to show me the light of real coffee. I will admit that I have had a few really delicious, non “S” word cups brewed up for me. But friends, I am a wayward one. I just cannot quit Starbucks! Yeah, I just outed myself. Cool kid points revoked.

Seattle, I love you!

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