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This Week In Fashion: Capsule Wallets

Are you a minimalist? Then this is exactly what you are looking for!

There is a bit of phenomenon going on in the world of wallets for men, former management consultant now founder of CAPSULE, Robert Sha is giving men the chance to get rid of those back breaking bulging wallets and opt for a more minimal sleeker style. The creative genius behind the fashion forward accessory the Minimalist, garnered financial support of over 100k in a Kickstarter ( campaign that started back in 2012. Jump two years ahead Sha’s well-crafted accessory is designed around a money sleeve CashStrap™, competitive against similar styles and perfection when it comes to function.

The creative genius has hopes to extend his lifestyle brand into women’s accessories and complementary product extensions to promote a simpler way of living.

Check out this cool find on their website

Wallet Review

Final Thoughts

Definitely lives up to the name The Minimalist. I went with the textured black tie, looks really slick; the tricky thing is, it’s made with saffiano leather, which has a tendency to feel like plastic, but it could be due to the texture. It takes a bit of time to break it in, but once you do I was able to fit six of my cards comfortably without it getting stuck, and slip a decent amount of bills through the money clip. It might not be for every guy or gal for everyday use, but definitely a must to use for vacation for less bulk.

Overall Score 4 Definitely Minimalist

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