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This Week In Fashion: Sleek Sneaks

Who says your sneakers can’t be progressively fashionable and sleek?

CLAE founder and creative director Sung Choi has release an early Spring 2014 collection for the luxury footwear brand. As a former footwear designer for brands like DC Shoes and Ecko Unltd. Choi’s ability to zero in on what’s hot and modern for footwear keeps his brand ahead of the shoe game.

Sneaker heads, seeking to expand their casual footwear collection can feast their eyes on CLAE signature styles; the low cut Ellington boot available in leather and suede and the high top Russell 07. New to the spring line up is the Arthur, featured as a sporty traditional court shoe, we’re dying to view this beauty up close.

Rest assured ladies CLAE’s sneakers are unisex.

Prices are pretty affordable at approximately $140USD and up. The CLAE early spring 2014 collections is now available on their website and at select retailers worldwide!

Sleek Sneaks Review

Final Thoughts

Perfect for a casual outfit, the option to select natural or full grain leather is a plus! The price might throw you off a bit, but let’s be honest you’ve probably spent more on Jordan’s.

Overall Score 3.6 Casual Trendy

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