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This Week In Photography: Caitlin Webb

bTrueblue has been really fortunate these past weeks in getting to know some really awesome photographers. There is certainly no shortage of them; when we see quality we know which ones we would like to have on our site.

This week from our submissions we picked Caitlin Webb.

Caitlin, a Georgia native and graduate from the University of Georgia with a BFA in photography is currently living in Atlanta, using her surroundings as muses and capturing the details of life and human involvement. Taking her passion for photography and seeing live music, she has begun to combine the two. Live concerts and bands are her main focal point for now, but she’s not limiting herself. Caitlin thrives on experience and pushing herself to all degrees; editorial, fashion and nature are just a few to mention. Photographing the minute details of design, Caitlin focuses on the passing details usually easily forgotten about elevates them to the level of art. Her work exudes a sense of tranquility while maintaining a playful energy. Her journeys do not stop here but will be taken across country on a road trip to the West Coast, where she plans to settle down in Portland.

As I called up Caitlin hoping I had the right number (I am infamous for dialling wrong numbers) the other side picked up “Hello” said this cheery voice. I replied “Caitlin, it’s Sebastian from Trueblue Magazine; regarding our This Week In Photography Column”. She replied “perfect timing, I just finished doing some editing”. I laughed and said “Well lets get the question that everyone wants to know out of the way. What do you shoot with?” Excitedly she said “for now a Canon 5dMarkii, but I do not like to limit myself” I told her that I shoot with a Nikon D5100 and it seems to be doing the trick. I continued “I have seen your concert photos and honestly I cannot replicate them. No noise, super crisp, how do you do low light so well?” I was truly jealous of her shots, time after time have I tried to do what she does. She went on about how she shoots with a lens that has a very low aperture and said “steady hands is the key to a crisp photograph”. “Agreed” I replied.

Seeing how photography is my hobby I decided to ask her a question along those lines, as such she told me about her early days in middle school and her interest in photography from such a young age that it had eventually made it to a part-time job for now but hoping to be full time one day. I interviewed musician Jeremy Quentin from the band Small Houses a few months back and remember him talking about his 35MM photography so I segued the conversation that way. “Have you ever thought about shooting 35MM?” I asked. A shocking answer came next: “Yes, I still use my Minolta 35mm and love the process of shooting film. I started out that way and will not give it up, no matter how much digital takes over. The darkroom is a sanctuary for me and I have produced some of my best photo’s with film.” I was shocked; right then and there I wanted to get the Canon A1 I saw in the thrift store last week for $20 bucks.

I had seen lots of Caitlin’s work but most of it was concerts so I thought I would ask about her other specialities. She told me of her love for nature and shooting in the wild, a side note she added “I do editorial work for other photographers as well”. This brought up the age old what software do you use query to put that question to rest she replied “Photoshop CS5”

“Are you artsy outside of the digital world?” I asked, she said “Art is my life and I gravitate to finding all creative aspects in everything I do, digital is just my main focus for now” I trailed off into conversation about how ever since I was 15 or 16 I started drawing tattoo’s about whatever life event was happening and would symbolize them and go to the parlour and get inked; she seemed to be interested but who knows.

I thought I would get into hypothetical questions, so I asked her where was the furthest place she would travel to do a shoot, and who for? She said how she loved Europe but it wouldn’t really matter for who, “it would be more like a traveling experience for myself”

Seemingly half an hour in and both of us had stuff to do, so I wrapped it up with one final question. “If DSLR-Santa was real and you could ask for any DSLR out there, maybe an attachment or two, what would you get?”. Humbly she said she was fine with her current DSLR but she wouldn’t mind getting an underwater housing case for her DSLR to “capture all of the ocean’s glory”

I thanked Caitlin for her time and wished her luck with future endeavours. Find more of Caitlins work on her website and make sure to follow her on Twitter.

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