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Tokyo Police Club’s “Forcefield” Album Review

After three years of waiting, Newmarket, Ontario’s own Tokyo Police Club (who are not retired Tokyo City police officers) have released a brand new album entitled Forcefield, which I’ve been listening to it in a constant loop for the past two days.

The first track

“Argentina” is a whopping 8-and-a-half minutes. It’s sort of like Tokyo Police Club’s introduction to the Forcefield “essay” (think back to grade 9). “Argentina” sums up the emotional angst you feel when you sense the end of a relationship, and then the regret, remorse, and bittersweet memories that follow.

The next two songs

“Hot Tonight” and “Miserable,” are upbeat tunes with catchy choruses. “Hot Tonight” was released as a single last month, in advance of the release of Forcefield (ironically, in the dead of winter) and reminded me of a warm August night at a house party somewhere in the suburbs. The lyrics, though, reveal a feeling of longing and disconnectedness. The band reminds listeners of the frustrating reality of never really being able to know exactly how someone’s truly feeling.

Going Forward

The album slows down a bit with “Gonna Be Ready”—one of my favourites. The song includes a bunch of different guitar riffs and changes up the tempo to keep you on your toes. The album spirals even deeper into a feeling of regret with “Beaches.” The most telling lyrics are “I wish I never hadn’t told you I lied.” Oh, Tokyo Police Club, don’t we all…

After that

The next two songs are more upbeat and feel a bit more optimistic—like getting over a break up, or finally accepting that it won’t work out between you and him/her, after all.

Wrapping up

The last two songs of Forcefield are more relaxed than the rest. They’re sort of like the quiet acceptance that comes at the end of an emotional ordeal; when you’re over the bridge, looking back, and feeling that you’re in a good place again.

The scoop

Tokyo Police Club show they’ve still got it in Forcefield, their fourth album. You get 9 excellent tracks to pick you up or cool you down regardless of the situation. If you’re cheap (like me) and only really want to download two or three songs, I recommend “Argentina,” “ Miserable,” and “Toy Guns.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • Apr 16, GRAND RAPIDS, MI
  • Apr 17, CHICAGO, IL
  • Apr 19, OMAHA, NE
  • Apr 21, DENVER, CO
  • Apr 22, ASPEN, CO
  • Apr 24, BOISE, ID
  • Apr 25, SEATTLE, WA
  • Apr 26, PORTLAND, OR
  • Apr 29, SANTA ANA, CA
  • May 1, LOS ANGELES, CA
  • May 3, PHOENIX, AZ
  • May 5, AUSTIN, TX
  • May 6, HOUSTON, TX
  • May 7, DALLAS, TX
  • May 9, NASHVILLE, TN
  • May 10, ATLANTA, GA
  • May 12, RALEIGH, NC
  • May 13, WASHINGTON, DC
  • May 15, NEW YORK, NY
  • May 17, CAMBRIDGE, MA
  • Jun 6, VAIL, CO
  • Jul 11, BUFFALO, NY
  • Aug 8-10, SQUAMISH, BC

Be sure to check them out in a city near you! Find more TPC on their website, Facebook, and on Twitter

Forcefield Album Review

Album art
Album Flow
Recording Quality
Final Thoughts

This is a great album! It has excellent summer soundtrack potential. A lot of the songs have a similar sound as the band’s previous albums, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall Score 3.7 Great Album

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