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Treat Yourself: Etsy Bath and Beauty

Natural has always been better, especially when it comes to products that you apply to your body. This week’s Etsy post brings you many products that may change the way you look and feel, with an array of tantalizing bath and beauty products.  The nice thing is that many of these products are relatively inexpensive compared to big box store products, that tend to be full of chemicals and additives. Go ahead, treat yourself!

The good people at PlunkSoap have created a lovely soap made exclusively for shaving! Aptly named “Mama’s Boy”, this soap has a lot of good things going for it. This soap is made with an aromatic blend of Bamboo, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Jasmine, and Wild Grass. It is completely natural with the addition of pure essential oils, along with mild colorants. It is perfect for any man with sensitive skin. Mama’s Boy also contains bentonite clay which draws out any impurities what may be embedded in your skin, and gives that extra slip for a smooth easy glide.

A few years ago at a craft fair, I bought a massage bar on a whim. It smelled good, it felt good, and so I bought it. To this day, that massage bar remains to be one of the best decisions I have made thus far. I am completely hooked on massage bars because of their luxuriousness. I find them much more soothing than massage oils. They slowly melt as you rub them over your skin and it seems as if you have just enough oil applied every time. I not only use my massage bar for the times I can coerce my boyfriend into giving me a lovely massage (or vice versa), but the moisturizing properties whenever you may need it, whether it is hands, legs, what have you, is the very best way to feel pampered.

SimpleSincerity offers a very pure massage bar. It contains the simple, yet effective ingredients of cocoa butter, shea butter and any essential oil of your choice. Whether you prefer the soft scent of vanilla or jasmine, or the more pungent aroma of patchouli or eucalyptus, you are free to take your pick. There are plenty of choices, although I doubt you can make a bad one.

Need some comfort for your terribly chapped lips after this blustery winter? Have no fear, CraftsmanSoapCo has your back… or err… lips. This magical lip balm contains many healing elements, including arnica. If you’re not familiar with arnica, it is a herb that has been used for healing for centuries. Today, it is widely used for strains and sprains. The Herbal Arnica Lip Balm also contains a complementary of beeswax and shea butter, which provides a protective barrier against the harsh elements. The best thing is that there are no chemical additives in this balm, just plenty of Mother Nature’s goodness.

In the past year, I have also discovered the beauty of soap. Yes — soap! In my earlier years I had been led astray like so many others. The fact is: soap isn’t always soap. If it’s not labeled soap, guess what?! It’s detergent. Why are the masses washing their delicate skin with detergent? For one thing, in my experience, we trust the mass corporations a little too much. I’m not exactly sure of the history of this mess, but I’d say the majority of us wake up everyday using detergent. I want to let you in on a secret: real soap is pretty great.

Pld Body has a dreamy soap made from goat’s milk. This is guaranteed to give you creamy glowing skin. With the added essential oils of lavender and patchouli, you are sure to get a mini aromatherapy session as you shower.

Hectic day, week, month? Oh boy, does InfusionSkinTherapy have what you need! The formulation of Coconut, Jojoba, Hemp seed and Meadowfoam seed oils, as well as the addition of aphrodisiacal essential oils such as Lavender, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Geranium, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang, is sure to make for a satisfying and sensual relaxation sesh. Take some time for yourself and/or a loved one, and be prepared to say goodbye to tension and stress.

I love the strength in simplicity. Items paired down to the essentials have a such a raw beauty about them. I came across the Peshtmetal Robe from EcoFriendly Bath, and I am serious when I say it is one of those items that will become a part of your daily life; one that you ever wondered how you lived without. The material Peshtmetal is made of is a woven cotton that is lightweight, dries quickly and is oh-so-comfy. The fabric is also 100% organic, and  free from bleach or dye. Bonus!

Does winter have your skin all dry and flaky? Bring your face back to life with this super hydration mask from ZaainaSkincare! This mask is unique because it is originally packaged in powder form. The benefit to this is that there are no preservatives needed. It also never dries out giving it an extended shelf life. You have the advantage of adding your own natural properties such as natural juice, yogurt, egg, or milk to mix your desired consistency and facial workings.

Rich in provitamin A and beta-carotene, this face oil from SoapyLayne will rejuvenate your mature skin. The Wild Rose Face Serum is intensely concentrated, so a little dab goes a long way! A main attraction to this product, for me, is the fact that this oil is actually vegan friendly, and contains no preservatives.

Who doesn’t love a 2 in 1, especially when it comes in such a beautiful package? The soap bars from Nunaknits are quite brilliant, in my opinion. This soap bar is combined with the alluring scent and anti-septic qualities of lemon verbena, along with sheep wool. Sheep wool has natural anti-fungal properties, and is great for keeping your soap bar in tiptop shape in the shower. The soap wrapped in wool also prevents the slippery soap problem that so many of us have encountered in the shower.

Nunaknits supports local american farmers, and run on the beautiful philosophy, “All animals, food and fibers get their nourishment from the land while farmers steward land.” Their name even means “of the Land”! Aptly named!

LovelyBody brings a lovely, rich shaving cream made; one made for men and one for women. It is scented with the soft smell of sage and tall grass with a tender kiss of lemon. The infusion of aloe vera and almond oil gives full permission to moisturize, and the bentonite clay induces a great slip for shaving.

This great towel is also made from Peshtemal. This lightweight towel dries quickly, and is very absorbent. It is available in a variety of beautiful colours and designs. Check out DokumaAtelier for many other great items. You deserve it!

You don’t have to be a yuppie to indulge in natural body wash from plunksoap. The luxurious fusion of fresh Bergamot, Citrusy Mandarin Orange, refreshing Mint, Clary Sage, Musk, Woods, and Amber does not disappoint. It suds up smoothly and the peace of mind of knowing that your body wash is all natural is priceless.

Do you have a friend that has everything, and yet you still need to buy them a gift? This is a perfect idea, no matter who your friend is. Even if they claim to not like baths, they will most likely convert.  You can take your pick from Fairest Milk Bath Soak, Pink Mineral Bath Soak, Snow White Oatmeal Bath Soak, and Nightingale Mineral Bath Soak. FabledSoapCo knows how to do it!

Have you ever heard of dry shampoo? It’s the answer to greasy roots, while keeping your style fresh, and is especially handy under strict time constraints! SoapyLayne offers an effective organic dry shampoo. It contains a brilliant blend of finely milled clays and powders, with a natural scent of calendula flower and chamomile flower powder. The package comes in a convenient recycled cardboard shaker for an easy application.

Hey, hey! This great shampoo product in bar form is not only convenient and a perfect traveling size, but it is also packed with pure essential oils that are healthy for your hair and scalp. Some essential oils in this bar include rosemary, mint and tea tree oil. Head on over to TheGreenBath, to see more great products.

Last, but not least: take a look at this luxurious facial set from HerbivoreBotanicals. So. Much. Goodness. Included in this bundle is  a full-size bar of French Pink Clay Facial Soap with Rose Geranium + Blood Orange, Pink Clay Floral Facial Mask, Hydrate Skin Toning Elixir with Rose Water + Ylang Ylang,  Nourish Restorative Facial Serum with Argan,  Rosehip, and  Jojoba oil. This intense medley will have you glowing and looking healthy.


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